How long last finger tattoos?

Wie lange halten Fingertattoos?

How long last finger tattoos?

Clearly visible tattoos on hand back and fingers are finally socially acceptable: musicians, actors and even photo models proudly wear colorful motifs on the fingers and thus start a new tattoo trend far away from the "jail look". In the short finger tattoo guide, you will find out what the small symbols are on their own and why these tattoos need a lot of care:

The little highlight on the finger

Do you want to stand out and make a message unequivocally to the outside or are you more of the mysterious guy? Tattoos on the fingers different looks Underline, depending on which area, which motif and which colors you choose. Motifs on the palms or on the sides of the fingers can often only be seen if you have a certain one pose take. In this way, stylish little highlights can be set, which not everyone sees immediately. On the other hand, tattoos on the finger members are always Visible and serve, so to speak, as a recognition feature and as a constant memory for you and others. Which shape suits you depends on your individual style. What motives often appear on the fingers?

When choosing a motif for your finger tattoo, you shouldn't think too complicated. Portraits and other realistic motifs hardly fit a few centimeters. If the motif is too complex, it quickly loses its shape and, in the worst case, must be corrected or removed after just a few months. So less is sometimes more.

Popular finger tattoos and their meaning

  • Wedding: If you and your spouse should connect more than a piece of precious metal, how about a tattooed wedding ring? As a fine linework tattoo, a tattoo ring in everyday life can be easily hidden under the real wedding ring.
  • Tags: If you like it conspicuously, you can simply write your guiding principles over your fingers. Either as a small whisper on the finger side, or as a blatant statement over the ankles (up to four letters, love and hate are the classics).
  • Dotwork pattern: Inspired by the Henna tradition from Asia, finely engraved patterns are particularly popular with female tattoofans.
  • Symbol: Whether pik, heart, caro and cross, the Deathly Hallow Hallow symbol from Harry Potter novels or Sailor Moons Mini moon: With a small symbol on the finger, you give yourself unmistakably to recognize yourself as a passionate supporter of a thing.

This makes finger tattoos problem cases

  • Finger tattoos may have to be re -enacted more often as tattoos at other parts of the body. Tattoos often have to be corrected regularly on the inside and on the outside of the fingers after the jump-off.
  • The skin on the hands is constantly exposed to UV radiation, chemical substances (cleaning agents etc.) and other environmental influences. Skin agency processes So make themselves felt particularly early on the hands. This also changes the look of your finger tattoos, so that contours can run or parts fade.
  • Many fine nerve endings run in their hands and fingers. This means that tattooing in these areas Even more painful Is than on other parts of the body. Some customers can hardly keep still, which makes stinging more difficult.
  • Injuries and hardening Small finger tattoos can change the skin up to recognition. Especially in the area of ​​the joints and ankles, it can happen that the skin changes visibly over the course of a few years.
  • Your hands are constantly in use and come into contact with many germs every day. the Healing Finger tattoos can therefore become problematic.
  • A tattoo on the hand will sooner or later notice every interlocutor. If you are in one sensitive area Working, thinking of a motive for potential future employers, your grandma and other people who could bother.

The better the care, the longer the tattoo lasts

It is difficult to determine how long a finger tattoo actually lasts, as there are many factors that can influence the quality of the tattoo. On “construction workers”, for example with a thick cornea on the inside, of course, finger tattoos, of course, much faster. If you avoid harmful risk factors and are naturally a healthy skin type, your finger tattoo lasts longer without changing changes in the shape or coloring.

Risk factors for finger tattoos

  • UV radiation Destroy the color pigments and accelerate skin aging. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, expect your finger tattoos to start fade after a few years.
  • The hands are constantly in action And grated skin always has to renew itself. If a position is burdened more often, a thicker cornea forms for protection. Tattoos on the inside of the fingers and in the palms are therefore changing relatively quickly.
  • The skin areas on the knuckles and the fingertips are particularly stressed and changes faster than the skin on the finger members. In the best case, do not choose a motif that is about the Joints The finger pulls.

Therefore, it is all the more important to maintain your finger tattoos very conscientiously.

For example with the Daily Tattoo Care by tattoomed. This has included and initiated UV protection, by the high moisture that you supply your skin that your tattoos on the fingers are protected longer. But in summer or on vacation the Sun Protection Help from Tattoomed with LSF25 or LSF50