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TÜV & DRK certified training courses that meet the latest standard of wound care for tattoos.

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In addition to high-quality and approved products, the application and correct handling in the wound healing process and in hygiene are of the utmost importance. That's why TattooMed works with experts to develop qualified and certified training courses for shop managers and tattoo artists.

Proper wound care will reduce the risk of infection and scarring, and will keep the tattoo looking its best once it's fully healed.

The TattooMed.Academy as an e-learning platform offers hygiene/wound healing training for qualification and certification according to the latest pharmaceutical standards for shop managers and artists.

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Expertise in wound care

Expertise in wound care

Every freshly inked tattoo is a wound and every wound must be treated in a sterile manner.
Since the initial care of tattoo wounds is essential and the cornerstone for rapid wound healing, we have developed this TÜV Rheinland-certified short together with wound experts.

With this course concept we want to raise awareness of the need for wound care in relation to tattoos. We want to provide tattooists and wound experts with more knowledge in the area of tattoo-specific care, skin monitoring and aftercare.

The course is modular and includes the following topics:

  • Module 1 The skin
  • Module 2 wound and wound healing
  • Module 3 Hygiene and infection
  • Module 4 Wound care and material science
  • Module 5 Skin observation/ skin care

Hygiene & disinfection training

Hygiene and disinfection training

This online-based video course provides the basic knowledge of hygiene and disinfection rules in the tattoo studio. We, in cooperation with the German Red Cross, have summarized everything on the subject of hygiene, the risk of infection and the disinfection of skin and surfaces for you in an understandable and brief manner based on the legal framework. After successful participation in the course, there is a test with multiple choice questions. After successful completion you will receive a certificate for your participation.

The course is modular and includes the following topics:

  • Module 1 Basics of hygiene
  • Module 2 Hygienic hand disinfection
  • Module 3 Hygienic surface disinfection
  • Module 4 infections