Products and application

Well cared for and healthy skin can be recognized immediately by its appearance. This also applies to tattoos: the more carefully you take care of your skin after getting inked, the better the result looks. Many of our customers are unsure about the best way to use our care products. That's why we have introduced the TattooMed Care Days in our range: medical wound care in the studio (1-2), tattoo care during the regeneration phase (3-21) and long-term tattoo care and color protection for colorful skin. (21+)

The CE identification to be conveyed on our products serves as a "passport" and is mandatory for medical devices. The requirements defined the European Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC (or the Directive 2007/47/EC).

Our tattooedCleansing gelis a highly effective cleaning gel which can clean the skin surface of contaminants and germs. It also has high-quality nutrients that the skin needs in all three phases 1-3, 3-21 and 21+. Thanks to the pH neutral formula, it also protects the natural fat film on the skin and helps to bring additional moisture into the deeper layers of skin with dexpanthenol.

Our tattooedClean & Care Spongeis a natural cleaning sponge (conjac fibers). It can be used to clean tattooed skin and supports the skin to stay healthy. The sponge micropores absorb contaminants and excess skin cells and thus enable the skin to activate and protect their natural protective film from over -greasing.

Tip: The tattoo shines particularly when the skin is healthy!

Our tattooedAfter Tattoo Pro- offers a protective film and prevents the penetration of foreign bodies, viruses and bacteria. It also helps to close the first layer of skin (epidermis) with a damp climate. The product is a CE medical device for optimal wound healing.

Our tattooedAfter tattoo- is a nutrient and moisture bomb that optimally supplies the skin in phase 3-21 with nutrients and moisture to promote cell regeneration and to accelerate the color pigments in the dermis. The highly effective care product is developed by pharmacists and tattoo artists and offers everything the skin needs in this phase.

OurPro SeriesProducts TattoomedProtection patch, TattoomedProtection filmand tattoomedAfter Tattoo Prooffer the optimal function to support the skin in this time that is exhausting and risky. Due to the protective film, which both the Protection Patch/Film and the After Tattoo Pro offer, the risk of penetrating foreigners and bacteria is reduced. In addition, the optimal, moist wound climate creates a regeneration -promoting environment, which gives wound healing the best options.

Immediately after the jump -off, the patch/film is applied to the tattooed skin and protects the wound from drying out, foreign bodies and creates a moist and climate.

The After Tattoo Pro is applied and forms a viscous protective film on the skin and fulfills the same purpose as patch and film - for plaster muffle.

No matter which product you choose - you are well looked after.

Das Protection UV Patch Milky und Protection UV Film Milky haben einen 98% UV Schutz und schützen somit vor gefährlicher Sonneneinstrahlung in den Care Days 1-2.

A change of the patch/film is generally only necessary in two cases. On the one hand, it may be that due to a lot of color or shadings, a lot of wound fluid forms and/or because of the skin that is too fatty, the patch/film dissolves. In both cases, you can carefully remove the patch/film by carefully pulling it downwards under tension.

In the nursing products Tattoomed Sun ProtectionLSF25andLSF50The focus is on color protection and general skin protection in summer and especially with extensive sunbathing. The products are equipped with a modern multi -layer broadband filter system. They protect the skin from sunburn and drying out and supply them with nutrients. The products are developed for the whole body, so you don't need two different creams (tattooed or not). At the tattooed skin, you also ensure that the harmful UV radiation UVA and UVB cannot penetrate up to the color pigment. The product thus prevents the color pigments from being damaged by the UV radiation and the heat they have brought in. Depending on the skin type, it is important to select the right product and not to forget to apply regularly.

Depending on the skin type, the skin has natural protection against UV radiation, which can be increased depending on the product. For example, the product Tattoomed Sun Protection LSF25 or LSF50 offers 25 times or 50 times protection for natural skin protection.

Das Absorbent Pad ist vor allem für Menschen geeignet, deren Haut sehr viel Wundflüssigkeit absondert. Das Absorbent Pad ist feuchtigkeitsbindend, schließt überschüssige Feuchtigkeit sicher ein und hemmt dadurch das Bakterienwachstum. Flüssigkeitsreste werden somit getrocknet und den Keimen der Nährboden entzogen. Zudem ist es eine Alternative für Menschen mit sehr empfindlicher Haut

Beide Seiten sind identisch, von daher muss hier nichts zusätzlich beachtet werden

Nein, Duschen ist nicht möglich

Nein, das Absorbent Pad wird ohne zusätzliche Produkte direkt auf das frisch gestochene Tattoo aufgebracht und mit dem TattooMed Studio-Pro Tape von allen Seiten auf der Haut befestigt.

Das Absorbent Pad reguliert die Feuchtigkeit um ein feuchtes Wundklima in der Wunde zu gewährleisten. Die Feuchtigkeit wird hierbei nicht aus der Wunde gezogen (nur überschüssige Feuchtigkeit) um ein feuchtes Wundklima zur optimalen Abheilung sicherzustellen.

Das Protection Patch/Film sorgt ebenfalls für ein feuchtes Wundklima - hier sammelt sich jedoch die Wundflüssigkeit (bei hoher Absonderung) unter der ultradünnen Membrane und wird nicht aufgesaugt.