Before stabbing

Prepare your skin optimally for the tattoo session . Your tattoo artist will be happy if your skin is healthy, elastic and vital !


Vor dem Stechen


The TattooMed Clean & Care Sponge for cell rejuvenation and activation of the skin and TattooMed Tattoo Butter with its natural nutrients are ideal for preparing the skin.

When tattooing, color pigments are introduced into the lower layers of the skin (dermis) with the help of needles. To do this, the upper layers of the skin (epidermis) must be pierced. Fresh tattoos are therefore comparable to injuries to the skin and require special care. In advance - in preparation for your appointment, you can clean your skin daily with the TattooMed Clean & Clean Care Sponge. The micropores of the sponge absorb impurities and excess skin cells, enabling the skin to activate its natural protective film and protect it from excess fat. With the TattooMed Tattoo Butter you bring important nutrients into the skin after cleaning, which makes it elastic and receptive until your tattoo appointment.

TattooMed® Tattoo Butter 120ml
TattooMed® Tattoo Butter 120ml
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