Daily care & color protection

Protect your skin and your tattoos from permanent color loss
Give your skin some attention and your tattoos glow for a long timehealthy and intense :)


Tägliche Pflege & Farbschutz


Cell regeneration is complete three weeks after tattooing and your tattoo will shine in its actual colors for the first time. With the TattooMed Daily Care Lotion you can pamper your skin every day and protect it from UV radiation. In summer and for outdoor activities, you should definitely use the products TattooMed Sun Protection LSF25 or LSF50.

They protect your skin and tattoos in particular from burns and color loss, even in extreme sun. You can use the products for the entire body. However, cream the areas where you have a tattoo several times.

TattooMed® Daily Tattoo Care 100ml
TattooMed® Daily Tattoo Care 100ml
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