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TattooMed® Daily Tattoo Care 100ml
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TattooMed® Daily Tattoo Care 100ml

Tattoomed Sun Protection for long -lasting beautiful tattoos

Do not really heal tattoos, the most beautiful tattoo motif appears unaesthetic and the subtleties of the actual work of art disappear. Tattooed skin should therefore be maintained and protected regardless of the age of the tattoos. With theSun ProtectionProducts in ourTattoomedOnline shop you protect tattooed skin from harmful solar radiation - the color is preserved even after years and the skin is protected from early aging. Select the right sun protection factor for your claims and use oursSun ProtectionTattoocremes for the daily protection of your body art.

How does UV radiation affect tattooed skin?

Tattooed skin is very sensitive to sunlight: certain colors absorb the heat and the skin swells slightly or starts to itch. If UV-B radiation penetrates the outer layers of the skin, Melanin forms. The body's dye penetrates all layers of the skin and lays like a dark veil over your tattoo. Colors appear less intense and contours disappear. Another negative effect is the permanent fading of the skin: UV-A radiation penetrates deep into the skin cells and changes the cell structure. The pigments of the tattoo color migrate into deeper layers of the skin or are completely destroyed in strong sunburn. So that UV-A and UV-B radiation cannot harm your tattoos, you should protect your skin from sunlight even in winter. theTattoomed Sun ProtectionCreams have been specially developed for tattooed skin and also offer full protection in intensive sunbathing.Small overview - that's why sun protection is indispensable for tattoos:

  • theSun ProtectTattoocremes protect against UV-A and UV-B radiation.
  • Sun ProtectionWith LSF 25 and LSF 50, melanin formation reduces and protects the colors.
  • theSun ProtectCreams prevent the colors from piling up and slow the UV-related skin aging.
  • Protects against sunburn and dry skin.
  • After sunCream calms and refreshes the skin after sunbathing and prevents swelling.

Which Sun Protect type are you?

In our tattoomed online shop there are tattoo cremes with different high protection factors. Depending on the intensity of the sunlight, you can betweenLSF 25andLSF 50Select. Danger! A higher sun protection factor does not mean that you can spend twice as much time in the blazing sun - the value only refers to the intensity of radiation protection. In winter, a light cream with a low sun protection factor is sufficient. Our is suitable for the daily protection of skin and tattoosDaily Tattoo CareCream with a light sun protection factor; For sunbathing and with outdoor activities in summer you shouldSun ProtectionUse tattoocremes with high UV protection.

Tattoo protection for on the go

For small tattoos at skin areas that are heavily used by the sun, theTattoomedSonnen cream stick for on the go. The lipstick -sized sun protection fits into every pocket and the cream moves quickly. Ceiling tattooed places without covering the skin with a disturbing fat film - theSun ProtectStick is suitable for small and medium -sized tattoos at every part of the body that reaches the sun.

This is how you protect large tattoos from the sun

Large colored areas on the arms or on the upper body bleached out particularly quickly and need special protection to work evenly and in color even after years. If you are tattooed over a large area, use themDaily Tattoo CareCream in the morning after showering. If you plan a sunbathing, you can use the sun protection factor with theTattoomedIncrease sunscreen.