PMU AKUT Tube 15ml-B2C - PMU Care-TattooMed
PMU AKUT Tube 15ml-B2C - PMU Care-TattooMed
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PMU AKUT cream

Care fresh permanent make-up-the PMU series from Tattoomed

Permanent make-up and microblading make the permanent change in skin color on the face possible and give you a great look around the clock. However, the most important prerequisite for this is the healthy healing of treated skin areas. So that your skin heals quickly after PMU treatments and the treatment does not result in unpleasant side effects, daily care with the PMU CARE Products from our Tattoomed Online store. The care products were specially tailored to the two phases of healing: in the two to three days after the treatment we recommend the PMU acute Series, the second healing phase is by the Tattoomed PMU Care Products driven. You can find out in a brief overview how you use the care products and what effect they have during the different healing phases:

PMU acute-effective immediate care after permanent make-up treatments

PMU treatment is like a new tattoo in many points: color pigments are placed with small needles under the first layers of the skin and thus change the visible skin color. During the treatment, the skin is very irritated and small micro injuries arise. With the PMU acute You can reassure the skin after PMU treatment and protect against inflammation. Use the cooling PMU acute Care lotionto calm the affected areas and to supply moisture. Swelling and redness go back and your skin can recover faster.

PMU CARE - for a quick regeneration of the skin

After a permanent make-up treatment, you would like to admire the aesthetic result as soon as possible-but in the first few hours and days after treatment, the skin is still very irritated and your face looks red and swollen. If the first symptoms sound, the treated skin cells must regenerate and the color pigments must be closely included. For an optimal result, it is important to prevent any crust formation. Scratch is absolutely taboo! the PMU CARE Products supply the skin with moisture and contain nourishing substances to stimulate cell regeneration. The skin can completely recover faster and shine in natural shine.

24-hour care after the permanent make-up treatment

If the skin dries out completely after PMU treatments, quickly form unpleasant crusts and the color pigments are lost. In order to avoid post-treatment, you should maintain your skin around the clock after PMU treatment. So that you are our effective on the go Tattoomed PMU Apply ointments and clean the skin, we offer ours PMU acute and PMU CARE Products also in the form of small pussies that fit in every handbag. The gentle pillows contain the same active ingredients as the associated ointments and leave a pleasantly cool protective film on stressed skin.

All around with the PMU acute & care bundle

With the PMU acute & care You can effectively protect your skin after PMU treatments and accelerate the healing process. This protects the color pigments under the skin and there are no bumps in pigmentation or skin structure. With the Tattoomed You are in the best of the package Your next permanent make-up treatment Prepared - supply your skin from the very beginning with the medically effective PMU Creams from our shop. For the development and production of the creams, of course, we do without any kind of animal testing or animal ingredients - all products in Tattoomed Online stores are also suitable for vegans!