Piercing Series

The tattoomed after piercing series for hygienic care for piercings and tunnels

The stinging of a new piercing only takes a few minutes and is relatively painless except for a small beks. Without the right care, however, the wound can quickly ignite - this is not only painful, but also brings serious health risks with it and delays the healing process. In order to avoid inflammation and promote wound healing in the piercing channel, you have to keep piercing, especially in the first few days and weeks after the jump-off, hygienically clean and disinfect several times a day. Even after healing piercing wounds, bacteria between skin and piercing can accumulate and cause bad smells-this is especially true for tunnel piercings and extensive plugs. To comprehensive cleaning and maintaining piercing channels and piercings, we have from Tattoomed the After piercing Nursinguo developed - so you can keep piercings and wounds clean and remove odor -promoting bacteria every day.

After piercing hygiene towels for the external care of piercings

Fresh piercing wounds have to be well maintained in the first few hours and days after the jump-off: the newly created channel in the skin must heal completely without foreign bodies to penetrate the wound. That is why the piercing rod must be sterile and rust-free. Usually, titanium bars are used. These have to be moved and cleaned regularly so that no blood dries up and the piercing channel can heal properly. Before inserting new piercings, you should thoroughly with the lint -free After piercing Wipe the hygiene cloth. Blood and dried wound water around the wound can also be used with the Hygiene towels Remove slightly.

After piercing hygiene spray for deep -effective cleaning of the piercing channel

If you do not keep existing piercing channels and tunnels clean, unpleasant smells can arise from bacterial accumulation. With simple plugs, however, the channel is not easily accessible. The liquid hygiene spray from the Tattoomed Online shop penetrates deep into the piercing channel and also reaches deep cells. The effective ingredients of the spray support cell regeneration, relieve pain and have an anti -inflammatory effect. That is for the hygienic care of fresh piercing wounds After piercing Spray an essential part. Use the spray to disinfect piercing and spray the wound after the jump -off several times a day to prevent infections.

Keep your piercings clean and fresh

Piercings have to be cared for for a lifetime and regularly cleaned. Once the piercing channel has healed after the jump-off, the risk of inflammation is reduced considerably, but you should still pay attention to hygiene. Over time, sweat and dirt residues collect behind your piercing plugs. Certain metals can also start greenish or cause other contaminants. That After piercing Spray is not only suitable for open wounds, but also serves to disinfect piercings and tunnels. You should take earrings, piercings and plugs out of the skin several times a week and clean them hygienically to avoid disturbing discoloration and smells.