Tattoomed specials for special gift ideas

Anyone who starts with the large -scale tattooing can at some point the stubborn joy in body art can only be difficult: you are also one of the people for whom the tattoo studio has become the second living room? Then the tattoomed goodies from our shop are certainly exactly what was missing in your tattoomed collection. Treat yourself and other tattoofans our tattoomed goodies and expand your equipment with stylish must-haves!

We love your color! Tattoomed dressup with message

As a tattoo equipment, we naturally know that friends of body art maintain a special relationship with your skin. We therefore offer high-quality hoodies and shirts made of pure organic cotton for tatto fans of every age. The basic parts are of course also styled without tattoos that appreciate comfort and love colors.

Put your personal gift package together

One remembers a tattoo forever: everything that happens before and after the stinging of a new tattoo can automatically remember better. If you give away tattoo products and sessions, you can write with it. Our Merch products are tailored for various types of gifts and occasions.