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Tattoomed skin care for laser -treated skin areas - three levels for even skin

Tattoos do not have to be body jewelry for eternity: small youth sins can now remove trained beauticians and dermatologists with laser treatments. The treatments take place in several sessions and strain the skin as much as fresh tattoos. With theLaser aftercareProducts from ourTattoomedOnline shop you give your skin exactly what it needs after laser treatments. The stepsL1untilL3are optimally tailored to the changing phases of the healing of your skin after laser treatments. You can find out what happens to heal the skin with laser removal of tattoos under the skin and how our effective creams help: here:

First supply for the skin after laser treatments

Tattoo color lasts for a lifetime - the color pigments cannot be broken down by the body and remain in place after stinging. If undesirable tattoos are to disappear, only laser treatment helps. With laser treatment, color pigments under the skin are heated and broken off. theTattoomed L1 AftercarecreamProtects your stressed skin with a thin film and relieves pain. The cool care cream has a pleasant and calming effect on irritated skin. With daily application, you accelerate the healing process and prevent inflammation. Damaged skin cells can recover better and there are no dry barks.

What if it itches after laser treatment?

Similar to tattooing, laser -treated skin begins to itch and scales after a few days. Damaged skin cells are renewed and the second phase of the healing process begins. So that the healing process does not run in length and the skin retains a healthy structure, you should have damaged games several times a day with the effectiveL2 Skin RepairLotion cream. The cream promotes the new formation of cells and relieves the itching - scratching is absolutely prohibited during the healing phase after laser treatments!

Sun protection for laser -treated skin

Once the laser treatment has ended and the skin healed completely, you should definitely protect affected areas from further irritation. The skin remains sensitive to solar radiation - swelling, itching and sunburns occur faster than with untreated parts of the skin. With theL3 ProtectCare cream from ourTattoomedAscertaining the range is effectively protected laser-treated skin from UV-A and UV-B and supplies the cells at the same time with sufficient moisture to withstand everyday stress.All aftercare products for laser -treated skin at a glance

  • L1: primary care for pain relief and to calm the skin.
  • L2: Supports wound healing and relieves itching.
  • L3: Care and sun protection after healing.

Good for the skin and good for the environment

theLaser aftercareProducts in the online shop are like everyoneTattoomedProducts free of parabens and do not contain animal ingredients. When developing the dermatologically tested healing ointments for laser -treated skin, we also do without animal experiments.

All-round care for laser-treated skin

If you plan a laser treatment for tattooed skin areas, prepare yourself for the weeks after the treatment: The freshly lasered skin should not come into contact with UV radiation, for example, and must be permanently supplied with moisture in the first few weeks of healing. With theLaser aftercareBox you have the right care for every phase of healing. The soothing creams not only accelerate the healing process, but also relieve targeted side effects such as swelling, itching and pain after laser treatments.