Vouchers & gifts

Tattoomed vouchers for care products and for the next visit to studio

Large tattoo projects are not sitting in a few hours: For a detailed backpiece or colorful sleeves, tattoo enthusiasts save for months and it takes many, long sessions at the tattoo artist. In order to support the transformation to the total work of art with your loved ones, you can use our Tattoomed vouchers for care products And take a look at studio visits.

Write a piece of life story with

Tattoo projects draw people for their whole life. With a simple voucher you can become part of the work of art and make yourself unforgettable for a tattoofan. We offer tattoomed for ongoing tattoo projects Tattoo vouchers on that the recipient can redeem for every tattoo artist. Don't forget one of ours Tattoomed vouchers for the Tattoomed online shop to add! The matching tattoomed care products for fresh and healed tattoos can be freely put together with the vouchers.

The care vouchers at an overview

  • Tattoomed voucher EUR 25 for smaller projects and as specially to the tattoo voucher
  • Tattoomed voucher EUR 50 for full care equipment for upcoming tattoo, PMU and piercing projects.
  • Tattoomed voucher EUR 100 for tatto fans, the big projects

Dleing in the wallet?

Do you have a tattoo date behind you and little change or just no time to shop? For the classic voucher trick for Christmas or birthday, we have inexpensive combinations of tattoomed tattoo money box with tattoomed voucher for self-custody in the online range. the matching care products Can you give up right away:

  • Tattoomed Tattoo Spardose Small + voucher for savers
  • Tattoomed tattoo money box Big + voucher if the piggy bank becomes too small
  • Tattoomed Tattoo Spardose Small + voucher + 25ml tube after tattoo as a starter package for the care of fresh tattoos
  • Tattoomed Tattoo Spardose Big + Coupon + Complete Care - Safety First! Nobody has to worry about skin care during regeneration.
  • Tattoomed tattoo money box Big + voucher + all in bundle care for full care even after the full regeneration.

Tattoog vouchers for every occasion

With a tattoog voucher, you never really go wrong with people with tattoos. Even if there is no appointment - ideas for new projects come with a voucher in hand as if by itself. The tattoo vouchers are valid for 3 years: enough time to plan a new tattoo and bridge the waiting time for the tattoo artist!

Well thoughtful! Tattoog vouchers for everyone:

  • Would you like to motivate a friend to tattoo?
  • Do you know a ripped tattoofan that puts every euro in his body art?
  • A friend's first tattoo date is imminent and you want to mentally support him?
  • Do you like an ongoing tattoo project in the Freundeskreis that can use a small voucher boost?
  • Our vouchers are perfect all-round solutions for last-minute gifts and well-considered contributions to tattoo projects.