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Special care for tattooed skin

Fresh tattoos need a lot of care to shine in color and beautifully after healing. If you neglect the care after the jump -off, the tattoo can scarring or bleach. theTattoo CareRow in ourTattoomedOnline shop was specially developed for tattooed skin. The ingredients of the differentTattoo CareProducts support the regeneration of your skin in every healing phase and relieve unpleasant side effects after tattooing. If you regularly go to the tattoo artist or plan to have your body decorated with a large -scale work of art, you will definitely prepare the home after -care of the tattooed area before each session in the studio. We'll show you how youTattoo CareUse products correctly and optimally supply your tattoo after the jump -off.

Step 1 after tattooing: Keep the wound clean!

After tattooing, your skin goes through different regeneration phases - in the first days after stinging, the tattooed skin wet and loses some of the fresh color pigments. The skin is particularly irritable and swollen and swollen in large -scale tattoos. If the skin is dirty and dried out by textile fibers in the first phase of healing, not only colorful spots are created in the pillow or in the sweater, but there is also a high risk of infection. In order to keep the skin clean and cool right after the jump -off, we have the medically effectiveAfter Ink Cleansing Geldeveloped.So you turn thatCleansing gelright to:

  • Foam the washing gel in the palms and carefully put the foam on the freshly tattooed skin.
  • Carefully grate dirt and textile fibers out of the wound!
  • Ceiling from freshly cleaned skin areas with sterile film to protect the wound from drying out.

Step 2 after tattooing: help the skin to normalize

Just a few hours after the jump -off, freshly tattooed skin begins to itch and tension. Under the cover film, sore water collects that youCleansing gelcan gently remove. The medicalAfter tattooOintment lies over the skin like a cool protective film and supports the cell regeneration down to deep layers. The color pigments of the tattoo remain on the spot and are not rinsed out of the wound. The skin calms down and itching is reduced - after each session (in the best case 3 days after and after youTattoo protection filmhave removed) you shouldAfter tattooApply the care ointment several times a day until the wound has healed completely.

Long -lasting tatto saucepan for years

Your skin changes over time-UV radiation and natural aging processes change the skin cells and the tattoo fades or acts as washed out. Dry skin scales lay like a film about the tattoo and the colors gray. So that high -quality tattoos from the professional still look like new after many years, your skin needs special care. theDaily CareTattoo cream from theTattoomedAssortment provides tattoos of all ages with important nutrients and moisture. In addition, your skin will be protected from UV rays and the colors are fully preserved in summer. A must for large -scale tattoos and small works of art in clearly visible places!

Secure the tattoomed savings packs and special editions!

We all deliverTattoomedCare products for tattooed skin in handy tubes that contain the right amount for small and medium -sized tattoos. If you plan a larger tattoo project or if you want to save money in daily care for your body art, browse through our special offers and secure discounts and cool extras.