Care Day: 3-21

TattooMed® After Tattoo 100ml
TattooMed® After Tattoo 100ml
from €12,95
TattooMed® Cleansing Gel 100ml-B2C - Care Series-TattooMed
TattooMed® Cleansing Gel 100ml-B2C - Care Series-TattooMed
TattooMed® Cleansing Gel 100ml
from €9,95
TattooMed® After Tattoo 25ml-B2C - Care Series-TattooMed
TattooMed® After Tattoo 25ml-B2C - Care Series-TattooMed
TattooMed® After Tattoo 25ml
from €5,95
TattooMed® Cleansing Gel 25ml-B2C - Care Series-TattooMed
TattooMed® Cleansing Gel 25ml-B2C - Care Series-TattooMed
TattooMed® Cleansing Gel 25ml
from €4,95

The regeneration phase - day 3 to day 21

The inflammatory symptoms only sound off after about two days and the regeneration phase begins. New skin cells include the color pigments in the dermis. The skin can stretch and itch. Dry skin cells forms slightly scab. OurTattoomed after tattoo productsForm an additional protective film on the skin and relieve tensions and itching. Apply the lotion thinly several times a day so that the skin does not dry out. Here it means Less is more :)

In this phase of wound healing after tattooing, the first layer of skin (epidermis) is already closed again and has a natural protective film that prevents the penetration of foreign bodies and bacteria. However, the second layer of skin (dermis) is located in which the color pigments still store themselves in the healing process. The skin has the task of connecting the color pigments brought in in the dermis where they should also remain permanently.

In order to ensure that the pigments are trapped without damage and permanently enclosed, the skin needs sufficient moisture and nutrients to renew the cells and include color pigments. If this process is complete and the color pigments are completely enclosed in the dermis after about three weeks (21 days), they remain permanently there. In the cell renewal phase, however, there are risks that can cause permanent and no longer repairing damage to the visibility and representation of the tattoo. If the skin is very dry or other environment or mechanical influences disrupt the regeneration process, problems can arise.

So it is particularly important until the dermis is completely regenerated to optimally maintain the skin. For this we offer the tattoomed after tattoo a care product that supplies the skin with the necessary nutrients and moisture to regenerate healthy. With the tattoomed cleaning gel, we also offer a cleaning lotion that also brings moisture and nutrients into the skin and in particular prevents it from drying out. Even if the acute phase 1-3 is over, it is now particularly important to maintain the tattoo properly in order to enjoy it for a long time!

What is the difference between tattoomed after tattoo pro and tattoomed after tattoo?

Tattoomed After Tattoo Pro - offers a protective film and prevents the penetration of foreign bodies, viruses and bacteria. It also helps to close the first layer of skin (epidermis) with a damp climate.
The product is a CE medical device for optimal wound healing.

Application frequency: After Tattoo Pro

  • Apply phases 1-2 = two to three times a day.
  • Phases 3-21 = (with very greasy skin alternatively to the after tattoo)

Tattoomed after tattoo - is a nutrient and moisture bomb,
which optimally supplies the skin in phase 3-21 with nutrients and moisture to promote cell regeneration and to accelerate the inclusion of the color pigments in the dermis. The highly effective care product is developed by pharmacists and tattoo artists and offers everything the skin needs in this phase.

Application frequency: after tattoo

  • Phases 3-21 = tattoomed after tattoo
  • Phases 21 = (with dry skin 2-3 times a day)


Carefully clean the wound with the tattoomed cleaning gel and the soft tattoomed clean & care sponge. After washing in a thin layer, apply the moisturizing tattoomed aftertoo cream to the skin. Repeat this process until the 21st day - 2-3 times a day

Gentle cleaning and care and your tattoo says thank you
For the gentle cleaning of freshly tattooed skin areas and intensive care after stinging with our specially developed formula.

How do I best clean my tattoo?

The tattoomed cleaning gel is a highly effective cleaning gel which can clean the skin surface of contaminants and germs. It also has high-quality nutrients that the skin needs in all three phases 1-2, 3-21 and 21+. Thanks to the pH neutral formula, it also protects the natural fat film on the skin and helps to bring additional moisture into the deeper layers of skin with dexpanthenol.

Application frequency: tattoomed cleansing gel

  • Phases 1-3 = before the pavement has been applied
  • Phases 3-21 = twice a day