Care Day: 21+

Care phases 21+ = once a day

Our Tattoomed Clean & Care Sponge is a natural cleaning sponge (conjac fibers). It can be used to clean tattooed skin and supports the skin to stay healthy. The sponge micropores absorb contaminants and excess skin cells and thus enable the skin to activate their natural protective film and to protect them from over -greasing ..
Tip: The tattoo shines particularly when the skin is healthy!

Application frequency: tattoomed cleansing gel

  • Phases 3-21 = twice a day
  • Phases 21 = twice a day

Skin protection after the complete regeneration from day 21

After about three weeks, the cell regeneration of the skin is completely complete. Now you can admire the finished motif in all its splendor. So that it stays that way and the colors do not fade, it is very important that you supply the freshly healed skin with moisture every day. In addition, tattoos should be protected from environmental influences and from UV radiation. With the Tattoomed Daily Tattoo Care Lotion you protect your skin and thus your tattoo in the long term in order to be able to look at your tattoo bright and unexpected as possible.
For hot summer days and exposed tattoos, we have developed the extra strong tattoomed Sun Protection products with LSF25, 30 or even 50. After all, well -groomed skin is beautiful skin!

What harms my tattoo in phase 21?

After the color pigments are completely enclosed in the epidermis, they should remain undamaged and without fading to be able to perceive a shining and clear tattoo. With some care, this is also possible in the long term. Regular care for a healthy complexion is important. This is the optimal protection for your tattoos.
Our Tattoomed Daily Tattoo Care offers the daily nutrients and the optimal UV protection for every day. Not only in summer, but also in the other seasons, the skin UV radiation, environmental influences and exertion is exposed to.

It is simply explained that the skin reacts if it is stressed. For example, with UV radiation, but also when drying out, it begins to attack foreign bodies in the skin and thus also stored color particles. A damaged skin and supplied with little nutrients can therefore often do little to counter and the color pigments are gradually broken down from the skin. That is why it is extremely important to maintain and spoil your tattoo all year round with a lotion.

What is the difference between Tattoomed Sun Protection LSF25 - LSF50 - LSF30?

With the care productsTattoomed Sun ProtectionLSF25 - LSF50 - LSF30 is the focus of color protection and general skin protection in summer and especially with extensive sunbathing. The products are equipped with a modern multi -layer broadband filter system. They protect the skin from sunburn and drying out and supply them with nutrients. The products are developed for the whole body, so you don't need two different creams (tattooed or not). At the tattooed skin, you also ensure that the harmful UV radiation UVA and UVB cannot penetrate up to the color pigment. The product thus prevents the color pigments from being damaged by the UV radiation and the heat they have brought in. Depending on the skin type, it is important to select the right product and not to forget to apply regularly.

Depending on the skin type, the skin has natural protection against UV radiation, which can be increased depending on the product. For example, the product Tattoomed Sun Protection LSF25 or LSF50 offers 25 times or 50 times protection for natural skin protection. After extensive sunbathing, the skin needs even intense care. With the tattoomed after sun, you give your skin the necessary moisture and a pleasant cool.

With a bit of care in summer, it is no problem to maintain your tattoos for many years healthy and shining without foregoing beach vacations and tanning. So it is in the hand of the wearer how color -intensive his tattoo is still after many summer vacations.

Recommendation skin type:

  • Tattoomed Sun Protection LSF25 = dark skin type
  • Tattoomed Sun Protection LSF50 = Heller skin type - medium skin type


Apply every day after showering with the Tattoomed Daily Tattoo Care Creme. The cream already contains slight UV protection and makes the skin caress - even if you are not tattooed from head to toe, it is your daily companion for the entire body. With high UV radiation, we recommend the Tattoomed Sun Protection products with a light protection factor 25, 30 or 50.

Optimal daily care and color protection for a long tattoo life
Developed for daily use, the Daily Tattoo Care protects the skin from environmental influences and prevents the aging process of tattooed skin through UV radiation. With your broadband filter system, our Sun Protection products offer the ideal protection against damage due to UV radiation on your tattoo.

TattooMed® Daily Tattoo Care 100ml
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TattooMed® Daily Tattoo Care 100ml
Questions about tattoo care?
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A good tattoo cream is not only important for the care of freshly made tattoos, but also ensures that the color intensity of the desired motif is retained in the long term. Daily moisturizing is therefore essential, especially if you have tattoos.

In this way, the skin around the tattoo remains well-groomed and healthy. At the same time, a tattoo care cream also protects against environmental influences. With a special UV protection in the tattoo moisturizing cream, the body art is additionally protected from fading.

What actually is tattoo cream?

Tattoo Creme is a specially developed skin cream that is used to care for tattoos. Unlike ordinary moisturizers, tattoo creams are specially tailored to the needs of tattooed skin and contain ingredients

  • which support the healing process of the freshly inked tattoo
  • and maintain the color intensity and sharpness of the tattoo over a longer period of time.

There are different types of tattoo creams and ointments, each designed for different stages of tattoo jewelry. There are special tattoo creams for freshly made tattoos,

  • that speed up the healing process
  • while relieving itching and pain
  • and protect against infection.

Regular care with special tattoo creams is also important for healed tattoos in order to keep the skin supple and to protect the tattoo from fading and blurred contours.

Why is tattoo cream important?

Compared to conventional moisturizers, tattoo care lines offer more targeted and effective care for tattooed skin. They are specially tailored to the requirements of the tattooed skin and can help you keep your tattoo beautiful and radiant for longer.

You might be wondering now: Which cream is put on the fresh tattoo? Here are a few Tattoo Creme product examples and their uses.

Freshly needled

For freshly tattooed tattoos, the tattoo healing ointment usually contains ingredients that provide the skin with plenty of moisture and soothe it. This supports the regeneration of the freshly engraved tattoo.

A good tattoo cream can also help keep theskin supple and relieveitching or pain that can occur during the healing process.

Decades of tattoo love

In addition, a tattoo aftercare cream can help keep thetattoobeautiful and vibrant in the long term by supplying the skin with all the nutrients it needs while minimizing color loss.

Daily moisturizing care with tattoo cream also protects againstharmful environmental influences.

Hot motives

Summer, vacation, beach! This is the time when the tattoo often gets a lot of sun exposure. In this case, there are special products as sun protection for tattoos, which effectively protect the skin from aggressive UV radiation thanks to their sun protection factor and cool and soothe the skin after sunbathing with the help of plenty of moisture.

What are the ingredients of TattooMed Tattoo Cream?

TattooMed tattoo aftercare creams contain a variety of skin care and regenerating ingredients that are specially tailored to the needs of tattooed skin.

These include among others

  • Panthenol
  • or provitamin B5.

These ingredients have a calming and regenerating effect on the skin and they effectively support the healing process of freshly needled tattoos.

TattooMed tattoo creams are also free from parabens and animal ingredients. High-quality ingredients and transparency are important to us, which is why you will also find a clearlist ofingredients of all our products on our website.

Is the tattoo cream suitable for all skin types?

The best tattoo cream is useless if the skin reacts badly to it, the product causes itching or contains questionable ingredients that you don't feel comfortable with. At TattooMed, these worries are unfounded:

The company has a lot ofa lot of experience in the pharmaceutical sector and specializes in developing and implementing application-specific products. TattooMed stands for quality and value and meets the requirements of medical skin care.

Theproducts were specially developed for the optimalfirst aid of freshly tattooed skin and contain only ingredients of the highest quality. When manufacturing the products, care is taken to ensure thatno ingredients with an allergic risk are used.

Even if you have sensitive skin, the TattooMed products are just right for you. Special emphasis is placed on a skin-friendly formulation. So you can be sure that your freshly tattooed skin is optimally cared for with TattooMed and that skin compatibility is always guaranteed.

When should I start using the tattoo cream?

In order to ensure theoptimal first aid after tattooing, the fresh tattoo should be cleaned after the piercing and then2 days with a_1.2_patch or film[5_1.2_ ] are protected from impurities and germs.

Amoist wound climate is also created, which helps the skin to quickly close theupper skin layer. In this phase of wound healing, the products of the TattooMed Care Days: 1-2 are ideal for wound care of your tattoo. This is not least due to the fact that it is a CE-tested medical product.

If possible, you should avoid tattoo cream during this time, as healing with a patch/film is the safest and most comfortable method.

After 3 days, the wound has usually already closed superficially and from this point on you can use a tattoo healing ointment or tattoo ointment to help the tattoo heal perfectly. Promote tattoo cream.

OurBestseller, theTattooMed After Tattoo Creme, is your perfect companion and helps you to take the regeneration of your skin to the next level with lots of moisture and nutrients!

How often do I have to use the tattoo cream?

You will achieve the best results if you apply the cream thinly and stay on the ball in terms of regularity. In thefirst 3 weeks, creams are optimal 2-3x a day.

If you happen to forget to apply lotion, please do not apply a huge layer to "catch up". Because "more" is not automatically "better" in this case.

If you applied too much cream to thetattoo, the slight scab or the entirewound swells, which in the worst case is when it heals

  • a loss of color
  • or a blurring of the contours.

That's why the motto is: Less is more when it comes to creaming!

Can tattoo cream expire?

Yes, like any care product, a tattoo cream can run off. Unopened, the TattooMed Tattoo Cream has a shelf life of 36 months. After opening, the cream can be stored for 12 months.

Where can I buy the tattoo cream?

You can buy TattooMed Tattoo Creme very easily online or in a pharmacy of your choice. Tattoo studios or selecteddrugstores.

But be careful: To make sure you get the original product, we recommend buying directly here from the official TattooMed shop or from authorized sales outlets.