Medizinische Tattoopflege im Sparpack

Medical tatto saucepan in savings pack

theTattoomedSpar-Bundles are designed for die-hard tattoo fans who have great artistic plans for their bodies. Also existing body art on every yardstick needs daily care to stay beautiful and radiant as possible - with the cheapTattoomed BundlesDepending on the size of the tattooed body surface, cover your needs for weeks or even months. Do you have oursTattoomedCare products for piercings, tattoos and stressed skin tried after PMU treatments, the practical ones areBundleThe right choice to equip yourself all around for the next sessions. So that you don't have to see the categories individually, we all hold the availableTattoomedPackages together in a separate category.

Care packages to give away and save

We fromTattoomedknow the demands of freshly tattooed and pierced skin. Laser treatments also leave specific injuries that require special care. We therefore have ours for stressed skin after cosmetic treatmentsTattoomedBundles compiled. Each package is designed for a specific purpose: Choose thatSun ProtectionBundle as a basic equipment for the next vacation or prepare yourself with thatLaser aftercareBundle for an upcoming tattoo removal. Gift packages and limited design boxes are also inTattoomedOnline shop available.All current bundle at a glance

  • ThatTattoomed Complete CareBundle combines gentle washing gel for the medical cleaning of fresh tattoos andAfter tattooOintment for the faster regeneration of freshly tattooed skin.
  • in theTattoomed all inBundle are the right care products for the first few days after tattooing and permanent care after healing.
  • At theTattoomed all in careBundleYou get the same products with decorative designs - there is also 1 euro per tube for non -profit purposes!
  • With theTattoomedGift packs can make someone happy who has long wanted a tattoo or saves an appointment.
  • ThatAll in Bundle Suncombines effective sun protection for tattooed skin and the right oneAfter sunLotion for post -treatment after sunbathing.
  • theLaser aftercareSeries covers all the healing phases of the skin after laser treatments and is a must to prepare for tattoo removal.

The tattoomed promise

No matter which package you choose: all products inTattoomedOnline shop is free of animal ingredients and are tested for their dermatological effectiveness without animal experiments. For our limited editions, we work with partners all over the world who work for a fair future. With every purchase of our limited design lines, you automatically support cancer research, animal welfare or development aid in disadvantaged countries. Do something good for your skin and the planet and pay attention to the politics of the companies behind it when buying cosmetics and medical products. We fromTattoomedIf our responsibility as a provider for dermatological skin care products is well aware and we try not to burden any animal nor man with our work.

Not everything?

In addition to the bundles for tatto saucepan and laser-treated skin, you also need care products for piercings or permanent make-up, use the uncomplicated search function and complement each basic bundle according to your needs. Also combinations like thatAll in bundleand theAll in Bundle SunCan be very useful and save valuable money.