What should you pay attention to before the first tattoo session?

Worauf sollte man vor der ersten Tattoositzung achten?

The first time: What should you pay attention to before the first tattoo session?

As is well known, you never forget your first time - that applies even more when tattooing than in love. Once you belong to the club of the tattooed, there is no back. But don't worry: what can happen? You can find out how you can see whether you are really ready for your first tattoo and what you need to know before the first tattoo appointment in our entry-level guide for beginners.

Can something really happen? Health risks in tattooing

Let us anticipate the worst thing: a tattoo is a serious physical injury that is not to be taken lightly. The healing process takes a few weeks and in the first few days after the jump -off Acute risk of infection. If a tattoo ignites, it is rarely really dangerous, but as with any other infection, there are certain risks for wound fire or sepsis. But of course that's just that Worst case. Once your tattoo has healed, complications are very rarely occurring - the skin may become thick or tense a little when there is heavy friction, heat or sunlight, but further problems cannot be expected after healing.


That comes up with you when stinging

Let's leave the horror stories aside and focus on the essentials: what happens usually When tattooing? You know how the tattooing works: The tattoo artist in your trust presents your desired motif on the skin (or he uses a template) and brings the pattern With the help of electrically operated needles under the skin. Of course, the upper layers of the skin are affected. Every now and then you also lose a drop of blood while tattooing or a reddish film collects on the skin. That is absolutely normal And shouldn't worry you.

How painful is tattooing really?

  • We don't want to lie: tattoo is not pleasant, but tolerable. Choose a small motif for your first tattoo so that you know what to expect at longer sessions.
  • Some people have enough after an hour, others do not feel struck even after 4 hours or more. Carefully touch yourself up to longer sessions and break off immediately when you notice that the body and mind begin to go on strike.
  • Tattoo is not only on the nerves, but also on the Circuit. Before your tattoo session, you should have a good breakfast. Sugar -containing drinks and salt sticks also help.
  • Alcohol and other drugs Are absolutely taboo when tattooing. If the blood becomes thinner or the blood pressure is too high, the fresh wound behaves completely differently. Pain relievers such as ibuprofen or paracetamol also only help against acute pain.

The agony of choice: so you will find the right motif

You always wanted to have a tattoo, but can you just not choose a motif? Patience is required when finding the motif. Take your time, to decide which topic is so important to you that you want to carry it on your skin forever. What moves you and What do you want to point outwards? Is there a certain one Body partthat you want to tattoo? A heart on the bottom finally has a completely different aura than a heart on the neck or on the wrist. If you are open to everything and just want to wear some colorful skin, take a look around in social networks: Many tattoo artists offer so -called Wanna-dos AN-If you like a Wanna-do sketch, you may even get an appointment with a prominent top tattoo artist at short notice.

Tattoopfe after the first tattoo session

  • If the work of art is ready, the tattoo artist cleans the wound and puts a clean Patch on. After that, skin and body need Quiet. Avoid wild parties and do not take off the patch in the first 24 hours.
  • Now the wound has to cleaned will. You can do that Tattoomed Cleansing Gel Foam in your hands and spread with a soft sponge. Remove with as little friction as possible Blood and color residues And wash the gel with clean water. Do not use cotton pads or washcloths that could lose textile fibers.
  • To protect against scratches and pollution, you should put on a new patch after each cleaning. Instead of cling film, we recommend the medical Tattoomed Tattoo Protection Patch, which lies over the wound like a second skin and favors a moist wound climate.
  • The wound is not allowed soaking, try to keep the tattoo dry when showering. Also direct Sunlight the tattoo damages particularly strongly in the first few days.
  • If the skin begins to itch and tension, cream your tattoo in several times a day with a nourishing moisture lotion. the Tattoomed after tattoo Cream is ideal for this.
  • Scratching forbidden! You should also avoid tangible and rubbing. Freshly tattooed skin is very sensitive and no longer has natural protective barriers.