Woran erkennt man, ob ein Tattoo Studio tatsächlich gut ist?
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Tattowierer check: This is how you recognize good and bad tattoo studios

In view of the emerging tattoo boom in recent years, new tattoo studios such as hairdressing salons are shooting out of the ground. Almost every small town has its own piercer and tattoo artist. Even in small studios, capable artists work - since no special training is required to tattoo, there are also numerous black sheep. If you want to check whether the tattoo studio does a really good job of your choice, ask yourself the following questions:

1. Does the style of the tattoo artist fit your motif?

Each tattoo artist has their own specialty and their own style. Also specified motifs wear one Individual gradebecause every artist uses different techniques and colors. If you have a certain style or a motif in mind, search for a tattoo artist who likes this style himself and has practice in it. For complex body art such as naturalistic motifs and portraits you should On tattoooconventions or in specialist magazines Look for a professional and plan a few months of waiting.

2. What references does the tattoo artist show online and in the studio?

Well-known and talented artists have a whole range of good work-take a close look in the studio of your choice or browse through online picture galleries to you Impression of previous works To provide. If the studio works only occasionally beyond simple adhesive motifs with strong contours, you should not consider more than a small fun or friendship tattoo. If there are freely drawn works of art and sleeves with beautiful compositions among the previous works of art, you can also leave the artists in the studio more demanding projects.

3. Is it taken care of in the studio?

If you let yourself stab color under your skin, be sure to pay attention to the hygienic conditions around you. Spontaneous tattoo sessions in the living room or in the kitchen should be a no-go for everyone. Professional tattoo studios have at least one separate treatment room with a height-adjustable lying bank. Tattoo needles and accessories are cleaned and sterilized with ultrasound devices. A tattoo artist never uses a needle for several people! The tattoo color is dripped into sterile plastic pots and remains are not recycled. Last but not least, the tattoo artist always wears medical gloves. If one of these cleanliness bids is injured during a session, the tattoo artist indicates directly and prefer to do without a tattoo if the conditions are not correct.

4. How much experience does the artist bring?

Tattoo must be practiced. The longer a tattoo artist is in the shop, the better he can assess different skin types and tattoo color specifically under the skin. Experienced tattoo artists can also give helpful tips for complications after stinging. Before your first appointment, it makes sense to keep some small talk with the tattoo artist and obtain first information.

5. What services does the studio offer?

Reputable tattoo artist fully concentrate on your craft. If, in addition to tattoos, the studio also offers cosmetic treatments or piercings, every area of ​​responsibility should be covered by another expert. In renowned tattoo studios, every tattoo artist is responsible for a certain artistic style.

6. How well are beginners informed?

If your first tattoo appointment is about Clarify open questions. In most tattoo studios there are notes that helpful tips list to the preparation and follow-up of tattoo sessions. Serious tattoo artists never stab minors without the credible consent of their parents - even with parental mood, many tattoo artists only accept Customers from 18 or even from the age of 21, because the skin in the teen age is sometimes significantly changing and the motifs are forgiven. Alcohol and drugs as well as cigarettes are also taboo in cleanly working tattoo studios.