Where are most tattoos? Tattoo -friendly and tattoo -friendly countries

Wo gibt es die meisten Tattoos? Tattoofreundliche und tattoounfreundliche Länder

Where are most tattoos? Tattoo -friendly and tattoo -friendly countries

Tattoos have conquered the world: more than a fifth of Germans wear at least one tattoo, about 13 % of the population even wear several tattoos as body jewelry on the skin. And the tendency increases: among the 20-29 year olds are more than 47 % tattooed, So for women and men it is now completely normal to lie down under the needle. In an international comparison, the federal government is quite tattoo -friendly: Our capital is known for its many tattooshops and you can now nowhere to admire Sleeves and tattoos from all cultures. We looked around how it is about tattoo art in other countries:

Statistics or experience ... who is right?

There are hardly any reliable studies on popular styles and body jewelry in different regions in the world. One Dalia study From 2018, most sources on the Internet will be used as a source, but with a total of 9054 respondents from 18 countries, it is not necessarily representative. But the subjective impression can also be deceived: in trendy major European cities, tattoos naturally see more often than in the country. We show in which countries you probably don't as colorful bird be viewed when you wear visible tattoos:

Most people live with tattoos in these countries

  • The Italian population is clearly the most tattoo -friendly: about 48 % of the Italian wear tattoos.
  • With a share of 47 %, tattooed are also in Sweden no longer a minority.
  • In 3rd place in the global comparison, they are United States With around 46 %. Tattoo -free skin in these countries is rather rare among young adults!
  • Australia and Argentina Lie on the same with 43 % tattooed population.
  • Spain, Denmark and England According to surveys, there are just just above Brazil, France and Germany.
  • The study has found even more tattooed among the German respondents than German survey institutes: according to Dalia about 36 % of Germans tattooed. Other surveys call rates Between 20 and 25 %.
  • Other tattoo -friendly countries are Greece (35 %), South Africa, Russia, Canada (33 %each), Mexico (32 %), Turkey (30 %) and Israel (25 %).

Danger! Tattoos are not popular everywhere

A tattoo is a piece of culture. In some cultures, tattoos have nothing to look for what you should accept as a tourist. This is not just a question of respect in some countries: celebrities and athletes can also get big problems if tattoos are not covered. In the worst case, even a stay in prison is threatened!

In these countries you should cover visible tattoos

  • in the Iran And in some other Islamic countries, the ShariaGesetz, which is publicly controlled, applies. Tattoos violate Islamic commandments And also must not be carried out publicly by tourists.
  • Even if the Turkey One of the top 18 of the countries with most tattooed people are strict laws that prescribe how to present themselves in public.
  • The most cosmopolitan presents itself in this regard Dubai. Out of respect for the locals, you should also cover your tattoos there in public there if possible.
  • Tattoos are not only prohibited in Islam: body art is also strictly prohibited in Judaism. In public places in Israel (Especially near religious metropolitan areas and sights) you should not show your tattoos out of respect.

Sometimes it depends on the motif

Not every tattoo motive in Germany may be worn visibly: for a swastika tattoo, at least for German citizens there are high penalties. The same applies in other countries that Certain tattoo motifs as an insult or incitement could see. Before you travel to a country with a foreign culture, you should always find out about how to behave there as a tourist and which dress code is appropriate.

These motifs could be offensive abroad

  • Motifs that are supposed to provoke, fright or disguise this in this country can take you to prison in other countries. Naked bodies, corpses and vulgar Should you always cover abroad.
  • Religious motifs Put a problem almost everywhere. In some countries, the public representation of religious motifs is strictly forbidden, for example in Sri Lanka and in Singapore.
  • Japan is one of the countries with very few tattooed residents. There, tattoos are still associated with organized crimes. As a tattoo, you unfortunately have to do without a visit to the bathhouse on a vacation, because that is forbidden! It can be really dangerous if you wear a Yakuza tattoo publicly visible: In the best case, you will be arrested and questioned, in the worst case you are attracting the attention of real criminals who have to earn tattoos hard and their symbols on foreign skin would perceive as an insult.