We tackle: sustainable packaging

Wir packen an: Nachhaltige Verpackungen

We tackle: sustainable packaging

You know this: You stand in front of the shelf in the supermarket and ask yourself "What is more sustainable?" Is the organic tomatoes, but packaged in foil, or the unpacked non-organic tomatoes from the region or just can Tomatoes? With sustainability, this is sometimes a complicated story - and we are no different.

What is more sustainable now?

We have already broken many heads around sustainable product packaging. What is more sustainable now? Creams in glass containers? Glass itself is sustainable - but the larger the glass, the heavier, the more CO2 the transport causes. Plastic? It's easier - but of course not the best solution for environmentally friendly packaging. However, because of the fact that our products are medically approved products.

We have already launched numerous initiatives for sustainable packaging - but this is no reason to rest.

Our goal is: away from the plastic. And now we have a timetable.

The tattoomed strategy for sustainable packaging

Sustainable packaging: Two words that include the most diverse subject areas. Recycling, renewable raw materials, new materials, away from plastic ... In order to be able to implement important progress in the next few years, we have developed a new sustainability strategy and thus set ourselves clear goals.

How we concrete our goals:

When implementing our sustainability strategy, we pursue various concepts and measures. For example, we have adapted our internal evaluation index for product development. In the future, this will ensure that sustainability criteria play an even greater role in our new developments. The focus is on two subject areas around the goal of environmentally friendly packaging: recycling and recyclability as well as the use of alternative, re -growing raw materials. Of course, we keep you up to date with our progress and projects.

What we have already achieved

Sustainable work is part of our DNA and has played a central role in Tattoomed since it was founded as the topic had not yet reached the general public.

  • We save packaging material: When shipping our products, we always test completely new materials. An exciting example are our new paper cushions, which are used instead of the conventional plastic buffer. In addition, the paper used consists of renewable raw materials and thus corresponds exactly to the desire to sustainability of many customers and of course.
  • We rely on recycled cardboard boxes and adhesive tapes: Here, too, we switched to uncoated power paper. Cardboard and packing tape can thus be recycled together.
  • Natural materials: We also try to develop alternatives in our products too. For example, our Clean & Care Sponge consists of 100% natural plant fibers and its packaging of a reusable can.