How do I get rid of my unwanted tattoo again?

Wie bekomme ich mein ungewolltes Tattoo wieder los?

So you get rid of an unwanted tattoo

It often happens that you have looked at your old tattoo and wish for a change. But how do you get rid of the body jewelry without much effort? If you want to have a tattoo removed, you have several options today. Laser technology has prevailed under all variants because it is the most effective. A tattoo removal using laser beam protects the skin and can also be used for large tattoos. About 4-8 sessions are enough to remove the pigments that you no longer like. Now there is space for a new and nicer motif again. The pain of treatment is comparable to those when stinging a tattoo. The costs from around € 800 are also relatively manageable, but are not covered by the health insurance company.

What happens in laser treatment and who carries it through?

Laser actions for removal of tattoos are offered by dermatologists and tattoo studios. It is important that you go to a qualified and experienced specialist or dermatologist. In this way, skin damage can be avoided by application fields from the outset. During the treatment, the light of the laser penetrates under the skin and destroys the pigments there. The process is called photoselective thermolysis. The laser beam crushes the color pigments into tiny particles, which are removed in the body's lymphatic system and later excreted. The laser beam can be positioned very precisely so that the skin is not influenced next to the tattooed area.

The treatment depends on the image motif

The type and intensity of the laser treatment depend on the motif. A single -color black tattoo can be removed more easily than a multicolored one. White and yellow are particularly stubborn colors. Tattoos, which have only been stung once and whose image elements are further apart, give the dermatologist or tattoo artist the least difficulties. The older the tattoo, the more complicated it is. If the motif has not been stung deep under the skin, it is also easier to process. In addition to its size and color, how great the effort is to remove a tattoo also depends on your skin quality. As a rule, several laser treatments are necessary at four to six weeks. However, one can never completely rule out that small remains of the tattoo remain visible.

Tips for skin care after tattoo removal

After treatment, your skin is red and needs good care. With tattoomed we can offer you a care series that was specially developed for laser -treated skin. It reduces the risk of inflammation and prevents allergic reactions. With tattoomed, the pain is also limited. Medical cosmetics are based on the needs of freshly lasered skin and optimally supplies them with nutrients. It is gradually applied between the sessions and, thanks to the integrated UV filter, protects ultravioletter rays from the harmful consequences. The tattoomed care series is structured in three stages: the pain -relieving Tattoomed laser aftercare l1 acute You use immediately after the treatment. Care penetrates deep into your skin and does an excellent service as a first aid. Their compatibility was dermatologically confirmed. It is also ideal after scar treatments, hair and wart removal.

  1. Tattoomed laser Aftercare L2 Skin Repair Supports skin regeneration after treatment. The high -quality ingredients maintain, protect and activate the structure of new skin cells. You can also use this product after scarring or wart removal. The care cream is 100 % vegan, perfume -free and ideal for sensitive skin.
  2. Tattoomed laser Aftercare L3 Protect LSF 30 is the dermatologically tested immediate protection for laser -treated skin and with built -in light protection factor. The care donates moisture, reduces itching and protects you from harmful UV radiation. This has a healthy all -round protection that stimulates the cell regeneration of your skin and makes it appear fresh.

With tattoomed you ensure all -round well -groomed and healthy skin after laser treatments. You can find an effect immediately.