Which tattoo type are you?

Welcher Tattoo-Typ bist Du?

Find out which tattootype you are and then get a shopping voucher!

The tattoo test tells you which tattootype you are. You find out whether the motif you have chosen is really your life dream, how you can (let it) improve and whether it should really be a permanent tattoo. However, the test does not tell you whether you have found the right tattoo artist ...

Test yourself and find out whether you are ready for a motive for life or a less permanent solution is better for you.

Why do a test at all if you only want a tattoo? Do you have to take an exam for this or something? No of course not. But there are very different reasons why people want to be tattooed or tattooed themselves. Not everyone suggests that the tattooed motif likes a lifetime. Of course you are now convinced of it. Firstly, this is normal and secondly always. But people change. Opinions change, living conditions change. Your tattoo remains.

Permanent tattoo or rather the type for a vacation flirt?

A tattoo is a work of art for eternity. With fine, motor -driven needles, the color is spent in the inner layers of the skin when tattooing so that it stays there. Even if the skin renews (permanently), you get a grazing wound or your figure changes over the years, the motif remains on the spot. Even with the onset of wrinkles in old age, it shifts little. It is a marriage for life.

Just as you can divorce with hurdles, but still relatively quickly, you can also remove tattoos. However, this is an expensive, painful and time -consuming thing. No matter what the respective studios advertise: it is not easy, it is not a complete distance (often pigment remains and always remain scars), and the skin will never look like new. Before you let yourself be tattooed, you should be quite, for sure that you will always love the motif. That you will still love it when you are wrinkled as an great -grandmother and sitting in a wheelchair in the flower skirt and fed by a young male caregiver. You should still love it if you were in the MRI after a cruciate ligament rupture, the place with the tattoo on the leg got insanely hot and the skin is red and the treating doctor tells you that the MRI is unusable because the pigment of your tattoo on the Wade who have distracted the rays. And if your boss refuses you to climb, because in his opinion tattooed people are ruinous with important business negotiations, you should still love it.

More than decal: temporary tattoo

To anticipate it: There is no way to get a tattoo for a few years. That was big in fashion in the 1990s, but it never really worked. A correct, permanent tattoo is stung into the dermis. This layer of skin never renews itself. It lies in the middle: the subkutis lies even further in the body, the dermis is protected from the epidermis on the outside. The epidermis constantly renewed itself, in a period of about four to five weeks the cells are completely exchanged. The supposedly temporary tattoos, advertised as a temporary tattoo) or organic tattoo, are to be engraved into the epidermis without pigments to get into the dermis. Since the epidermis is only 0.03 to 0.05 mm thick, depending on the body, this requires a lot of skill.

In fact, many tattoos that were stung as a tempoo were not so temporary. Because even the smallest involuntary muscle twitches let the needles penetrate a little deeper when tattooing. Most temporary tattoos have left lasting traces in the dermis, the deeper dermis. And the rest of the color was not gone as promised after three to five years, but after only one or two months.

Henna and decal pictures

Does not look like a real tattoo, but fulfills the desired purpose. Of course, you shouldn't stick small pink glittering horns on the shoulder blade: it is about real motifs that look like real tattoos. If you are not sure whether the tattoo in the desired motif, where it is planned, really looks as good as you imagine, just try it out. And with a decal, which is gone again after four shower. Or with a henna tattoo. Henna is a plant color that penetrates the epidermis and remains visible there until the complete replacement of the skin cells. The pigments are stuck in the skin, do not slip, do not bleed out and only fade slowly. Many people can be used to paint henna tattoo especially on vacation in India and Asian countries as well as in the Mediterranean.

An alternative comes from the USA: The Inkbox company has developed another plant color that in principle works like Henna. The color can be applied with stencils or freehand at home. The second option is interesting for you as an indecisive tattoo type: The tattoo artist may first draw your desired motif on your skin for two to three weeks. This is painless, not as cost -intensive as a permanent tattoo, and gives you an impression of what you want to carry around with you in the future.

Incidentally, many tattoo studios also offer to make a more or less rough designation of the tattoo on the desired skin area with a special pen. The color lasts a few days so that the planned tattoo can be "tried". How your taste will develop in the next twenty, thirty, fifty or eighty years cannot clarify such a test picture. It is therefore important that you realize for what reasons you want the tattoo. We present: The tattoo test, which covers the most common reasons why someone wants a tattoo.

The test questions

Please answer the questions honestly and think about the answer if necessary. Because sometimes things are different than they appear at first glance. So please answer the questions from you, from your point of view. Answers that you would like to tell your friends, but which do not come deep from the inside are unimportant.