What tattoo lover 2022 need to know - was that with colorful tattoos?

Was Tattooliebhaber 2022 wissen müssen - War es das mit bunten Tattoos?

What tattoo lover 2022 need to know - was that with colorful tattoos?

Tattoofans are not easy right now: In the past two years, Lockdowns have been silent for weeks and again and again and many tattoo studios had to close their gates. In 2022 the pain goes a little further under the skin: Most of the colorful tattoo and PMU colors have been banned across the EU since January 4, 2022! Like any art, the tattoo scene does not let the new upheavals and restrictions get small, but new trends and currents grow from the current situation. We explain what will change in the tattoo scene in 2022:


These colors are no longer allowed

The color pallets of tattoo artists were massively limited at the beginning of the year: even remaining color stocks have not been stabbed under the skin since January 4th. The one is responsible for the new restrictions European Chemicals Agency (ECHA). In order to protect consumers from possibly harmful colors, all colors with questionable components were deleted from the permissible color palette. The problem: So far, there is no adequate replacement for many colors that can do without the forbidden substances.


Protection or harassment: How justified is the judgment of the ECHA?

Many tatto fans and artists argue against the new regulation, since the harmfulness of many fabrics has not been clearly clarified. Since, according to current standards, animal experiments are almost always necessary for the cosmetic use of questionable chemicals, it should not be the goal of the scene to let all the fabrics tested. If we take a look at the argument of the ECHA, the meaning of the annoying regulation is more of a sense. The ECHA has listed exactly what colors are taken from the market:


Safer tattooing in 2022? Such colors are prohibited

  • Colors that have been classified as toxic, carcinogenic or dangerous to pregnancy across the EU.
  • Fabrics that are considered to be skin -irritating, caustic or allergy -causing in the EU.
  • All fabrics that have been shown to damage or stimulate the eyes of the permissible ingredients for tattoo colors are also painted.
  • In addition, all substances that were loud Cosmetic Products Regulation (CPR (EC) NO 1223/2009) may not be used for cosmetic purposes.


What does the ban on color for the tattoo scene mean?

Apart from the company Edding Did manufacturers of tattoo colors react late or hardly to the new regulation. Over 4000 colors, which could perhaps even be used for opened pieces, are no longer available from now on and may generally no longer be stung under the skin. Instead of relying on questionable substances and asking for further studies, artists and manufacturers are now approaching new color concepts above. Until the colors are as bright as before, it will probably take a while, but the new colors will be better and safer.


Do you have to be tattooed?

If large and colorful motifs adorn your skin, it is not unlikely that some of the substances classified as questionable or harmful are also under your skin. That can of course do not undobut is also no further questionable. If your colorful skin is sensitive to heat, UV radiation or irritation such as scratches, this is completely normal. If side effects occur more frequently or swells the skin regularly even without stimuli such as UV radiation or the like, you should visit a dermatologist.

Tattoo trends 2022

New trends without colors: What can I get stuck now?

The new color pover leads to the rediscovery of old trends. Simple, symbolic motifs such as in the 80s and 90s are real hits in every tattoo studio. The more trash, the better, it seems that tattoo artists find creative new ways to bring in their talent with brilliant techniques and hatching:

  1. Tramp Stamp

So -called Tramp Stamps ("Schlampenstampel") is celebrating their comeback and could not be sweeter: Butterfly, dolphin, sun and tiger head This time does not come with thick, running lines like in the 90s, but with fine and minimalist outlines. The smaller the stamp, the more subtle you can position your little message.

  1. Minimal style

The trend does not tear off in 2022: Lines, circles and geometric shapes Are stung exactly as if they were pulled with a ruler and circle. Since black and gray for the minimal tattoo style are dominant anyway, hardly anything changes for minimalist -oriented tatto fans 2022.

  1. Tribals

Really read, also tribals celebrate their comeback in 2022, as they are simple, black and elegant. The ornate zigzag lines from the 90s soft dot patterns or small flashing today. Whether your tattoo only serves as an ornament or whether you see a deeper meaning behind your tribal is entirely up to you.


Tattoomed is also there for you in 2022!

Also in the new year we accompany you to all tattoo projects, whether with our nourishing tattoomed and PMU products for skin treatment after the jump -off or our laser aftercare if old tattoos have to give way. Or, of course, finally again at trade fairs and events - partly in our tattoomed tattoo truck. Of course, we keep you up to date with the further events in the world of tattoo colors.