What happens in the skin?

Was passiert in der Haut?
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The outlines of a tattoo are usually stung with a single needle, while entire needle blocks are used for surfaces and shades.

How deep is stung?

The depth of the puncture can be set exactly on the skin density. A maximum of color is introduced into the second layer of skin, called Dermis.

What does a blowout mean?

Tattoo artists who have learned their handicrafts on a bore island can get the urge to stab too deeply. If this is the case, the color runs in the subcutaneous and causes unwanted shades. This is called blowout.

Why do some tattoos fade?

With a fresh tattoo, the color pigments are in the dermis and also in the upper layers of the skin. Therefore, it looks more colorful. Over time, the epidermis renews and weakens the luminosity. But even extreme sunbathing or frequent and unprotected sunlight can contribute to fading because tattoo colors are sensitive to light to a certain extent. Therefore: protect tattoos from the sun!

How does a scarring come about?

First option: The tattoo artist stabbed too deep (see blowout). When healing the subcutis, scarring can therefore occur. Second option: scratching, poor care or pulling off the crust. If you don't let the skin heal properly, scarring can occur.