Was passiert beim Piercen?
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What happens when piercing?

It is urgently not advisable for self -testing or other experiments!
Depending on the body and the type of piercing, there can of course be deviations in the process. However, some basic things should always run out immediately and are briefly described here.


A professional piercer will always provide you with comprehensive information about the process, possible risks, care products and care of the piercing in advance.

The contract/documents

Basically, the stinging of a piercing is "bodily harm". Because a piercer is not a doctor, he has to protect himself from stinging by a document that you signed to confirm your consent to pain to protect yourself from an advertisement.

The disinfection

Next, the point to be stinged is cleaned with disinfectant.

The mark

After a short exposure time of the disinfectant, the position to be pierced is precisely marked.

The stabbing

Now the skin point to be stuck is captured and fixed. Then the piercing hole is stung with a hollow needle, also called the mutual cannula, the needle is pulled off with a pliers and the dwell cannula pulled out. After that, only the plastic tube remains in the skin.

Replace the cannula with first piercing

Now the piercer will pierce the first chew through the resulting hole, replace the cannula with the first piercing and screw the ball onto the piercing.

Advice and care

Finally, the piercer will give you information on care, jewelry/material and a care product.

Made! You are now a proud wearer of a piercing.