Wann lasse ich mein Tattoo nachstechen? Tipps zum Auffrischen von Tätowierungen
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When do I have my tattoo offset? Tips for refreshing tattoos

"Have you already had it updated?" - When an older tattoo shines through clean contours and bright colors, this question can be heard. What is it on the rumor? Does every tattoo really have to be re -enacted sooner or later? There is no question that tattooed skin sometimes needs a little refreshment. You can find out when a tattoo has to be stabbed and what to consider when stabbing.

Why do tattoos have to be stabbed?

When stinging, colors and contours of tattoos are refreshed and newly pigmented. Faded motifs shine like new and running contours get more sharpness. There are two reasons for posting:

  1. The color pigments have split on the tattoo over the years
  2. UV radiation and natural skin aging processes have brightened the tattoo and destroyed the color pigments over time.

Not every tattoo has to be corrected after the jump -off. Some tattoo artists stab fresh motifs free of charge. However, you have to pay for age -related brightening out of your own pocket. In order to protect the color pigments under the skin, you should consider a few things after the jump -off and your tattoo should maintain correctly even after full healing. Tattooed skin can usually be easily overstream a second time. But be careful: the second time it usually hurts a little more than with virgin tattooing of the skin.

Care tips for fresh tattoos: This is how you avoid annoying reckoning

  • Alcohol, drugs and blood -thinning medication are taboo before and after the jump -off. The more the wound wound, the more color pigments are lost.
  • Freshly tattooed skin must form a healthy wound climate so that the color pigments are enclosed in the complexion. With the Tattoomed Tattoo Protection Patch If you protect your fresh tattoo from foreign bodies. Your tattoo artist can do that Tattoomed Protection Patch Place right after the session.
  • Do not let your tattoo soak in water during the healing process. You should also dab carefully and never rub when drying. If the skin starts to tension and peel off, the moisturizing Tattoomed after tattoo cream For a pleasant skin feeling.

Why fade tattoos?

Missing color particles are not always a reason for pale -looking tattoos. When the skin looks dry and scaly, a gray tank over the colored parts lays down in light types. With nourishing and moisturizing creams like the Tattoomed Daily Tattoo Care Posle lotion is relaxed. If the upper layers of the skin are healthy, the color particles in the lower layers of the skin are also better recognizable.

These factors can influence your tattoo permanently

  • UV radiation destroys skin cells and breaks the color particles under the skin so that they are broken down by the body.
  • Sunburns, scratches and superficial injuries can also damage color particles or remove them from the skin.
  • Due to natural skin aging processes, color pigments change their position under the skin or they are broken down by the body. Incidentally, it is true that many pigments collect in the lymph nodes ..
  • Some colors fade faster than others. Yellow and red tones usually have to be stabbed more often than green or blue colors.

Tatto pot for small and large tattoos

  • the Tattoomed Daily Tattoo Care Cream maintains and protects against UV radiation-even with tattoos that are mostly covered by clothing.
  • If you carry your tattoo in a clearly visible place, the motif needs special UV protection. With the Tattoomed Sun Protection creams with a sun protection factor 25 or 50 the sun can hardly harm your tattoo.
  • You can cover small tattoos on your face, hands or your neck with the tattoomed sun protection stick before you go out.
  • After hot days in the outdoor pool or on the beach, you can optimally care for your skin with the Tattoomed after sun lotion.

When does that make sense?

Many faded or warped tattoos can be renewed by careful post -stitching.

Sometimes, however, nacing does not bring anything - fine lettering, tightly engraved lines and very small motifs can only be corrected to a limited extent with white color. Fine cringles and razor -sharp lines become wider over time and may hardly be recognizable after a few years. In some cases, only a cover-up or laser treatment helps. A well -stung and carefully maintained tattoo hardly changes over the years. Most of the tattoos have to be stabbed after 8 to 15 years at the earliest, some never. Finally, individual characteristics make such a tattoo unique.