From the small tattoo to the big chestpiece: connect tattoos together

Vom kleinen Tattoo zum großen Chestpiece: Tattoos miteinander verbinden

From the small tattoo to the big chestpiece: connect tattoos together

Everyone starts small - if you let yourself be tattooed for the first time, you often choose a small motif. There are many good reasons for that! If it should be a larger body artwork at some point, existing motifs will be brought in creatively. There are many different ways to combine smaller tattoos into a larger one. Which tattoo type are you? We give you helpful tips on how you can fill up big motifs.

The first tattoo: Please not too big!

Before planning a large motif, you should first Small tattoo for the test stab. Allergic reactions to tattoo colors are rare, but can occur! Even the not inconsiderable pain when jumping is not for everyone. If you know what to expect, you can better plan your body art. Of course there is also that "Stoped" style: Many small pieces can also have a great area effect and naturally connect to "a" total work of art. Which style suits you depends entirely on your personal style. Here are a few tips and guys for inspiration:

1. The old school type

Oldschool tattoos with wide contours and clear colored areas look very dark from the distance. If you have several old school motifs Sting closely enough leaves, probably no filling motif is necessary. The larger the individual pieces, the more space can be in between without the place looks like a gap. Symmetrical motifs adapted to the shape of the body are a great solution to insert small individual motifs in the overall picture, even if a few tattoos still adorn your skin.

Where do you start? Symmetry is the key!

  • Shoulders, forearms, elbows, hips and breast attachment are eye -catchers who also stand out in a fully tattooed body. The remaining skin areas can then match the Eyecatchers be filled.
  • Motifs that are symmetrical in themselves can be set in the middle and do not have to be mirrored. For example, they fit into the neckline, on the stomach (or as as Underboob-Tattoo between the breast folds) or between the shoulders. A modern "ass antlers" as the beginning for a large back motif is daring, but it can look great.
  • Do you plan for now Just a sleeve on the arm or on the legNote the eyecatchers on your body here too: lower legs and calves can be seen frequently in summer. However, the thighs offer the largest area. As a rule, you tattoo from the hip down or from the knee up. The same applies to the arms: elbows, wrists and shoulders or armpit meaningful starting points For expandable tattoo projects.

2. The influencer type

Stars and asterisks in the media world unite one thing: Armsleeves and Chestpieces with profound motifs. Footballers, models and TV stars are banging to the partner and family with Christian works of art or declarations of love more personality and stand out from others. As Tribal tattoos This style is slowly but surely falling victim to the mainstream. Most choose to combine lion heads, prayer chains and lettering Simple filling motifsthat can be stabbed quickly and easily.

The filling must match the motif and the wearer!

  • Plants (roses, lilies, tendrils) have a romantic touch. They go with emotional motifs such as expressions of love and mourning.
  • Stars are something for dreamers, but can also stand for success and determination. The effect depends entirely on the way of presenting.
  • Waves go with maritime motifs of all kinds. Today they not only wear seamen and Yakuza, but everyone who feels drawn to the sea.
  • Are airy and light and are widespread everywhere Clouds as a fill motif. They can be stung relatively cheaply and quickly. They also fit black and white motifs without color.

3. The candy type

Colorful motifs such as grinding, swallows and portraits adorn your body? To get order to chaos, many tatto fans infer their motifs with colored surfaces. The selected color should fit your clothing style, your other tattoos and your personality. After all, such a sleeve cannot be put off if you go to a wedding or hang around the beach in the bright red bikini. With Geometric patterns or mandala forms Can you give the colorful background even more depth.

4. The blackout type

This is a radical method of filling skin areas Swarge. Black backgrounds are suitable for space motifs and for harder black-and-gray styles. An advantage: colors and white highlights sting out much more. Of course, nothing can be seen from the natural complexion with such a striking tattoo. All-black backgrounds are also suitable for Unwanted smaller motifs to simply disappear in a large sleeve. In order for the black surfaces to appear even, the tattoo may have to be stabbed more often than tattoos with a cloud background. So this style is only something for fans who bring a lot of budget and patience!