Vegan tattoos - this is how you will find vegan tattoo artists

Vegane Tattoos - so findest Du vegane Tätowierer

Vegan tattoos - this is how you will find vegan tattoo artists

If you want to live vegan, you have to pay attention to a lot. Animal ingredients are hidden in many products that you don't expect. Also in tattoo paint Animal products can occur. In order to ensure that only color pigments, glycerin and water are contained in the color, you should consult a vegan tattoo studio or ask the tattoo artist about the ingredients of the colors.

Beware of tattoo sessions abroad!

Good news for animal lovers: since the introduction of the Tattoo Ordinance 2009 Most products of animal origin may no longer be used in tattoo colors (such as shellac). If you want to tattoo in Germany, you can only use colors with appropriate certification. So if you let your tattoo stab in Germany in an official studio, you can use them Quality of the colors leaving.

These manufacturers are guaranteed vegan (according to their own statements)

When producing tattoo paint, responsible manufacturers not only pay attention to the origin of the ingredients of their colors. Animal experiments are also absolutely taboo. The following manufacturers advertise with vegan and animal test -free production:

  • World Famous Tattoo Ink
  • Fusion Ink
  • Solid Ink
  • Intze tattoo ink
  • Rabbits Ink

Vegan ointment for wound care

Not only colors, but also many ointments contain animal ingredients. Since you should definitely apply moisturizing ointments after tattooing, make sure that no sebum or gelatin is included. Our Tattoomed Products for post -treatment of freshly tattooed skin in all regeneration phases are all vegan and are manufactured without animal experiments. Natural skin cream with a nourishing effect can also be easily made of ring flowers and plant fat.

Tattoomotive for vegans

The decision to the vegan lifestyle changes everyday life and thinking. No wonder that many tatto fans want to seal their responsible attitude towards animals and nature with a beautiful tattoo room. The choice of motif is usually very individual: vegans can be Farm animals sting, Wild animals threatened by extinction or Dinosaur skeleton - Whatever she has led to your decision to do without animal products naturally offers itself as a motif. Even if you just live vegan for a short time or even "hold through" at all, to live completely vegan: a suitable tattoo reminds you of the noble thoughts forever and serves as a motivation to pull through the desired change.

What parts of the animal end up in colors and ointments?

  • Schellack consists of waste fabrics produced by young paint shield lice. These are boiled down to win concentrated shellac. Today the fabric can only be found in old residues of tattoo colors.
  • Binding and solvents often contain substances obtained from animal fats. These should also not be used in tattoo colors in German studios.
  • In Germany there is the greatest risk of accidentally using animal substances in the regeneration process. Hirrel ointment and animal petroleum jelly can favor a hygienic wound climate, but contain animal substances and can also trigger allergies or clog or clog pores.
  • With the Tattoomed Care products can be optimally maintained your skin after tattooing and at the same time be sure that the regeneration process runs vegan from the beginning to the end.

How do you test care products without animal experiments?

Like many supporters of the tattoo scene, we are convinced that no animal suffering is necessary to carry out skin care and stab or maintain tattoos. That is why we rely on vegan products in the development of our skin care products for tatto fans without animal experiments. Many manufacturers of tattoo colors also prefer to test their products for themselves, instead of commissioning animal testing laboratories to check recipes. Our test methods using the example of sunscreen For example, we also only test our sunscreen for human skin. In order to determine the sun protection factor, for example, we treat a marked skin area with the new recipe and compare it after a certain period of UV radiation with next to the skin. Animal experiments would only do that at this point Falsify the result. So they are not only morally questionable, but also not very meaningful. If you want to find out more about modern product development without animal experiments or even actively get involved, offer organizations such as Doctors against animal experiments Further information on the topic.

Conclusion: faith is good, knowledge is better

With regard to the tattoo color, you hardly have to fear when tattooing that animal ingredients are contained. To make sure you should ask your choice in the tattoo studio or use the vegan tattoo studios search to find a suitable studio. It is important that you pay attention to the ingredients when choosing the wound ointment. If your tattoo artist uses questionable ointments, bring yours Tattoomed after tattoo Cream or the Tattoomed After Tattoo ProSeries Simply execution with the appointment. All other products in our range are 100 % vegan and free of animal experiments.