Vacation Stattoos - souvenirs for all life

Urlaubstattoos – Souvenirs für's ganze Leben

Vacation Stattoos - souvenirs for all life

Traveling takes up a large place in life for many people. Sometimes a vacation is not just a vacation, but the free time with friends and family becomes an important milestone in life. Did you meet new friends or a new love while traveling? Have you had an experience abroad that you never want to forget? With a Holidaystoo You can symbolically hold the most beautiful trips on your skin. In our short vacation tattoo guide, you will find out what to consider and why spontaneous tattoo ideas are not always the best.

Other countries, others, but please don't tattoo

No matter which motif you come to: No tattoo has to be so urgently needed that you should neglect hygiene. Just be tattooed abroad if a serious studio is nearby that works cleanly. DIY works of art and "traditional techniques" have many risks. Even if the fun factor of spontaneity ceases to do so: if in doubt, prefer to wait until you are back in Germany and let your vacation stitchoo From the tattoo artist you trust sting.

The motif finder: what can such a vacation stattoo look like?

  • Choose a small motif, that does not get too much sun after the jump -off.
  • On vacation you drink one over the thirst every now and then - if you get drunk on one Funny tattoo idea, better sleep your intoxication before stinging and think about it soberly.
  • Are you fascinated by a holiday destination or do you want to take a piece of culture from your favorite country? Choose a domestic animal, a type of plant or another landmark From your favorite holiday region to capture the atmosphere there in a motif.
  • Or are you more about your time together with friends and family on vacation? The best ideas for Partner tattoos arise when you experience something special together.

Sleep over it again!

A vacation is always a small exceptional situation - everyday life is far away, it is flirted and celebrated and there is a lot of culture to discover. If so many impressions pound on you, you will surely come up more often Weird tattoo ideas. Maybe not every one of them really has to be implemented immediately. After all, everyday life comes back at some point! So think carefully about whether your current vacation flirt or the great party from last night should really be immortalized in the form of a tattoo, or whether it also takes a nice photo.

Care tips for vacation stattoos

  • alcohol Is during tattooing and in the first 24 hours after the session absolutely taboo. Not only because the accountability decreases more and more with increasing levels, but above all because alcohol dilutes the blood and wound the wound faster and loses color pigments.
  • To swim There is also no recommendation in the pool, in the sea or in the lake with a fresh tattoo. the infection risk Is too high and the wound could soften.
  • You will certainly not like to hear it, but that too Sunbathing harms your tattoos considerably. The natural UV protection of the skin is no longer available in freshly tattooed areas, so the sun burns noticeably after a few seconds. You should take this warning sign seriously and cover your vacation stuff on the beach.
  • In order to always be at spontaneous tattoo meetings, you can one of our practical ones Product Bundles Take on vacation with a handy cultural bag. We also have suitable bundles in our range for the tatto saucepan after healing.
  • Leave your vacation stitch as possible Shortly before departure sting. So you avoid damage caused by UV radiation and can fully enjoy your vacation.

Popular vacation styles and their importance

  • Compass, ship, plane, world map: If you can fully identify with the travel lifestyle, show this part of your personality with a general discovery and backpacker motif. Not original, but meaningful and pretty.
  • Insel or state outline: Such a thin outline of the outline is quickly stung, usually heals without any problems and can easily be integrated into a larger motif or expanded. Whether Brandenburg or Hawaii, the contour tattoos appear subtle and can be combined with every tattoostyle.
  • Skylines: The urban equivalent to outline of national borders - record the view of one of your favorite places on your skin. If you feel more connected to nature, you can choose mountain chains or forests as a motif instead.
  • Landmark and natural monuments: Each region is characterized by its special flora and fauna. In addition to animals and plants, handicraft objects and instruments are also popular holiday stattles that immediately arouse associations.
  • Lettering: For the purists among you, lettering is a stylish method to take messages from foreign countries home. Please have strangers offset by a country-like counter-check so that afterwards there is no such thing as "duck soup" instead of "warrior" on your shoulder-a classic among the tattoo fails.