TSSSS ... TSSSS 2020 - what about a new tattoo?

Tssss...Tssss 2020 - wie sieht's aus mit einem neuen Tattoo?

TSSSS ... TSSSS * 2020 * - Fee new tattoo?

After almost 8 weeks Lockdown for our beloved tattoo studios, they were able to reopen in most federal states in Germany, as well as in Austria and Switzerland. Under strict hygiene requirements, of course, which can vary from country to country and from state to state. However, these are only small changes for the studios, since it has been working on the level now required for years - only plexiglass spitting protection on the counter and the mouth protection for both the tattoo artist and now the customers are new.

We Missed the Tssss ... TSSSSS

Our video for action

Corona tattoo in planning?

Since tattoo lessons sometimes like to immortalize memories on their skin, in the future there could be some projects that have to do with Corona and the Lockdown. Because "real tatto fans" actually wanted to capture these time in a permanent memory for everyone. Even if the new tattoo has nothing to do with Corona, there may be moments or events during this time that now want to be brought up and under the skin quickly.

Have you already agreed your next tattoo date?

As is well known, you never forget your first tattoo - this probably also applies to the first tattoo in Corona :-) For many studios and artists, it was said last week: re -plan and re -plan appointments, make studio fit for the requirements and regulations, train employees and Maybe take a deep breath again. It is certainly a bit difficult when allocating the appointment and not always possible at short notice, but the studios and artists will certainly try everything to enable the desired date.

1,000 x Love & Care

If the time comes and your appointment is coming up, we will come into play. So that you are equipped with perfect care for your new tattoo, we have considered a great campaign. For the first 1,000 orders after the crisis we give you thick vouchers for the tattoo color protection.

This is how it works:

  • If you come to one when shopping in our shop Value of 50 € you get one 25 € voucher free addition.
  • From a Value of 95 € you even get one 50 € voucher.
  • The voucher can be redeemed in our shop for every follow -up.

The background of 1,000 x Love & Care

While we started the non -profit project #handsforartists shortly after the Lockdown to support the tattoo studios and artists during the lockdown by building a platform on which they register and buy the customers vouchers, we also wanted to do something about the “restart”. On the one hand, of course, we would like the studios and artists to be able to quickly fill the schedule again after the week -long Lockdown and the associated loss of sales - of course with the necessary advance and patience. On the other hand, of course, we would like to give you a little pleasure by giving you a voucher for maintaining the first weeks after the jump -off and the subsequent “Daily routine”. We look forward to all the *tsss ... TSSSS ”2020.