Temporäre Tattoos - ein guter Ersatz für echte Tätowierungen?
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Are temporary tattoos a good replacement for real tattoos?

Adhesive tattoos, henna and other temporary body paintings are not only popular in children. Many manufacturers of tattoo products also offer transfer films for temporary tattoos or so-called organic tattoos with colors that should disappear after a while. These techniques really work and is the result comparable to real tattoos? We tested it in the lockdown for you and clarify you.

Possibilities for temporary tattoos

A tattoo that loosens by itself after a few washes or simply disappears after a while-a dream for trend hunters, an absolute horror for old school fans. There are pro and contra arguments for both sides. Let us first look at the methods with which temporary tattoos are made:

1. Adhesive tattoo

Small adhesive tattoos from the chewing gum pack are a thing of the past, but the technology remains the same. A print motif is applied to a transfer film and solved with water. Smart paper and handicraft providers sell free Arches for self-cutting for laser and inkjet printers. So you can freely design small and large motifs and put on your skin in print quality. By the way, with the same technology you can also "tattooed" candles, plastic surfaces and smooth wood.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • + Bring photo -realistic motifs to the skin quickly and easily.
  • + Wash lightly and without residue.
  • - only lasts up to the next shower.
  • - Only very small motifs can be applied.
  • - No natural tattoo look (print motifs)

2. Henna tattoo

Henna is a dye off Plant powderthat traditionally painted on the skin in India and Pakistan as body jewelry. The arms, hands and feet are painted with floral patterns and mandalas. Also offer European manufacturers Hennast and real henna colors to paint the skin. The color is usually completely harmless and disappears after a few thorough skin washes. With henna color, however, only rough motifs can be painted with strong contours.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • + Non -toxic
  • + Esoteric style
  • - Only rough patterns can be painted.
  • - The color slowly fades out and does not disappear after laundry.
TM-Blog-Temporaere-Tattoos-Content adhesive tattoo

Adhesive tattoos are popular with children


Henna tattoo in classic style

3. Bio-tattoos

The term Organic tattoo It is actually misleading: after all, biotattoos is not a special tattoo color, but a special needle technique. This is related to the regeneration of our skin. Normal tattoos are stung into the dermis, the lower layer of skin that does not renew itself. Above lies the thin epidermis that continuously dies and regenerates. The cells change and pigments are simply repelled over time. This is exactly what tattoo artists offering organic tattoos. The tattoo is stung between the epidermis and dermis and ideally disappears after a few months.

Advantages and disadvantages

    • + Optics: A freshly stung organic tattoo looks exactly like a real one.
    • + The stinging of organic tattoos does not hurt as much as with normal tattoo techniques.
    • + Ideally, the motif disappears after a few months.
    • - Motives do not suddenly disappear, but first become grayish shadows that slowly dissolve.
    • - If the desired skin layer is not hit exactly, a gray veil remains or the tattoo does not disappear at all.

Is false fake?

A "wrong" tattoo is like a piece of jewelry: a small body that no entitlement to profoundness raised and purely decorative should work. For parties, festivals and special occasions, temporary tattoos are perfect accessories. If you live the tattoo style, you will not be satisfied with a small decal. Tattoos often not only fulfill fashionable purposes, but also serve as an anchor and as eternal memories for their providers. Of course, this personal level of meaning can hardly be imitated with a temporary tattoo. Nevertheless, organic tattoos and adhesive motifs have their right to exist and should not replace classic tattoos, but should not replace.

Opportunities for temporary tattoos

Really everyone knows this film inside and by heart. The music, the gags, even the colors are absolutely iconic. Hardly anything could remind 80s and 90s children of their childhood. Attention: At parties, nobody will take it to address your Kevin tattoo immediately.

Sometimes skin painting simply should not be missing to create a relaxed atmosphere and to attract attention. For some, the colorful painting of the body also has a spiritual meaning. Temporary tattoos are absolutely available on these occasions:

  • Disco, festival, party: Adhesive tattoos can be made with great effects that do not give normal tattoos. Leave your body glitter, sparkle and light! There are also permanent Glow tattoo color To tattoo, but this rightly has a very bad reputation in the tattoo scene. Before you endanger your health and make an incorrect error, you prefer to use the adhesive version.
  • Baby party and partner painting: Henna color is absolutely non-toxic and harmless to pregnant women. For relaxing hours for two or with friends, you can easily prepare a henna party. Painting the body calms and strengthens self -esteem. After a few showers, the belly is very clean again.
  • For children and teenagers: "But I want a tattoo!" - Admittedly, not quite as bad as the youthful desire for breast enlargements and lips sprayed at. Nevertheless, tattoo artists advise to hand over so -called "moms" to tattoo. Biotattoos can also last for several years and have some health risks. Real tattooing only from 18!