Tattoos und öffentlicher Dienst - Geht das?
Jenny ist Tattooliebhaberin und Unternehmerin aus Leidenschaft. TattooMed heute als veganer Begleiter von Millionen Tätowierten ab Tag 1 bis hin zur dauerhaften Pflege von Tattoos zu sehen ist ihr Antrieb. Als großer Festival Fan findet sie ihren Ausgleich in ihren Reisen in die USA und im Tierschutz.
TM blog-tattoos-in-public service

TM blog-tattoos-in-public service

Tattoos and public service - is that possible?

It is known that some people have prejudices against tattooed. Although tattoos are now a lot more socially recognized, the ink pictures can still be a problem when looking for a job today. If the company or the supervisor is rather conservative, you often have worse cards than competitors with visible body art - so when choosing the part of the body, it is essential to consider whether the tattoo could impair you at work. And who finally wants to constantly cover your tattoo or just walk around with long clothes?


Tattoos in the public service

Especially with jobs in the public service, tattoos are rather critical. Because as soon as you have customer contact or otherwise work publicly, you represent the outer picture of the employer. Of course, he wants to maintain his image and one or the other obliges his employees to hide body jewelry such as piercings or tattoos during work. States are particularly difficult here. This is about the job description of the civil servants, judges, soldiers, legal trainees and tariff employees who are employed in public law institutions. Extravagance is usually not welcome in these professions. The guideline is: If a tattoo in the summer uniform is not visible, that's okay. It should only be visible when it comes to service. It is often said that, due to tattoos, nobody is discriminated against, but reality is different. Because if two equally good applicants are available, one of whom is tattooed, the choice for the employment usually falls back on the tattoo -free applicant - due to the external impact. Although it is not a big disadvantage, it can make up the crucial bit.


Tattoo in the job - what can I do?

The easiest option would of course be to do without a tattoo. However, since this is not a real option, you should choose a tattoo at a rather hidden part of the body if you have a lot of work to do in public service or with a lot of customer contact. The back, the thighs or the stomach are good options. Keep in mind that not all items of clothing are equally cut and that something can quickly be visible. You can clarify with your future employer before employment whether tattoos would be in order in certain, sometimes visible areas such as the upper arm, but very few remain in the same job forever and have the same boss - which would mean that that would mean that Tattoo could cause complications again. Since a tattoo is not so easy and lightly removed, you have to think enough in advance.


What position is the right one?

If your tattoo is on the arm, you can make sure that it is always covered by the clothing - but you would also be forced to wear long -sleeved clothing in summer, for example, even if you don't feel like it. That may not sound so bad at first and for one or two times that would be quite manageable ... but in the long run it will be very annoying and uncomfortable. So that you don't refer your tattoo at some point, always be on the safe side. The "right" position is the one you are sure that you will not be annoyed later - very simple. Even if you work in an industry in which tattoos are more or less tolerated, don't forget that one day you could change your job and then your tattoo could be bothered. Hands, neck and face are more of a no-go for most employers, many of the ankles/feet over arm tattoos and tattoos on the ankles. Unless it is an unmistakable Fullsleeve tattoo.