Tattoos in der Fußballwelt – Das tragen Fußballspieler unter der Haut
Jenny ist Tattooliebhaberin und Unternehmerin aus Leidenschaft. TattooMed heute als veganer Begleiter von Millionen Tätowierten ab Tag 1 bis hin zur dauerhaften Pflege von Tattoos zu sehen ist ihr Antrieb. Als großer Festival Fan findet sie ihren Ausgleich in ihren Reisen in die USA und im Tierschutz.

Tattoos in the football world - football players wear under the skin

Tattoos are socially acceptable and are worn in every social class. Last but not least, the global football scene has this development From the "jail paint" to the fashion trend contributed. In some well -known clubs, tattooed sleeves seem to be one of the basic requirements for new players. Even in the U21 leagues, many promising talents can be seen that adorn themselves with large-scale tattoos. And the really big players and players also wear lions, Christian motifs and other small and large motivational pictures on the body. The player women, who are now considered style icons thanks to Instagram and social media, also set new Germany -wide trends with their tattoos, although they often like it much more subtle than their men. You can find out which trends player women and players contribute and what the very big football stars wear on the skin:

The pioneer among the full tattooed: David Beckham

David Beckham was one of the best of the best in worldwide football in his younger years - as early as the 90s, he also rose to the style icon and shaped the fashion world like no athlete in front of him. In the 2000s, the well-trained Brit then radically changed its metro look: back, trousers, chest and arms were filled with various Christian motifs and lettering in this order. Today he lets himself be a beard to his fully tattooed body and influences the men's world more than ever.

These motifs make up Beckham's tattoo style

  • Religious scenes: For example, Beckham wears a crucified angel on his back (at the beginning of his tattoo phase, he wore a Jesus figure on his back, which he had expanded in 2002).
  • Names and lettering: The names of his children adorn Beckham's coccyx ("Brooklyn") and his chest. A large Sanskrit lettering also adorns his left forearm: "Vihctoria". He takes the little spelling mistake calmly and does not let it correct it.
  • Clouds: What would footballer arms be without clouds? Beckham always chooses gray shaded clouds to fill out vacant spots between lettering. This filling motif can be seen today on countless black-and-White-Sleeves-a trend that Beckham has shaped, among other things.
  • Oneself: Beckham's left chest is particularly pathetic. The motif even shows him as a figure of Jesus, how he is lifted from a grave by angels. For footballers, this is by no means "too thick" - self -portraits appear more often.
  • What does Victoria do? - Victoria Beckham is very discreetly tattooed compared to her husband, mainly on the wrist and on the spine. Currently, most of her tattooed proofs of love for David even remove it by laser!

The tattoos of the big players

Some players like Lionel Messi have long resisted the big tattoo wave in the football world or were not interested in style questions. But on the pitch, the world sizes not only compete with football, extravagant behavior and unusual hairstyles - the tattoos have also had to be greater, better stung over the past 20 years. For a few years now, for example, Messi has been one of the "Mackern" with Armsleeve on the square. Like most world footballers, he also chooses typical motifs:

This is what Messi's tattoostyle looks like

  • Religious motifs: At first glance, you can see that between Messi's Armsleeves and those of Beckham for a few years of development in the tattoo scene. Messi bears detailed, naturalistic and colored church windows, roses and a Jesus portrait.
  • Soccer: Messi wears player number 10 (his number at FC Barcelona) and a football as a Pondon with the children's motifs on his calf on his shin.
  • Family: In addition to Christian motifs, declarations of love for the family are very popular with footballers. Messi bears the name of his son Thiago and two naturally developed baby hands on the calf.
  • Black instead of clouds: The gaps on Messi's calf and on his arm are mostly blackened or filled with mechanical cogs.

The exceptional: Christiano Ronaldo

The only player who completely escapes the whole hype about tattoo trends and leaves his body unaffected by the needle is - who is surprised - Christiano Ronaldo. He actually does not wear a single tattoo and thus forms an absolute exception among the players. As the reason for his pure skin, the star player states that after a tattoo he could not donate blood for a few weeks.

These motifs often appear on the square

  • Löwen: Sergio Ramos, Mesut Özil and Memphis Depay from Olympique Lyon wear large lions under the skin. The lion represents strength or serves as a protector symbol.
  • Portraits: A well-stung portrait tattoo testifies to artistic skills and makes an impression. Many players like Toni Kroos can get portraits under their skin.
  • Christian motifs: Preding hands, rosary wreaths, prayer chains crosses and representations of the crucifixion of Jesus bears almost every tattooed player. One of the few exceptions is Zlatan Ibrahimovic, which mainly tattooed lettering and a tiger head on his back.
  • Self -portraits: Leroy Sané is a current example of this self -confident trend among footballers: his back adorns a scenic motive that shows him even at the goal.