Tattoomed laser aftercare - the care series especially for laser -treated skin

TattooMed Laser Aftercare – Die Pflegeserie speziell für laserbehandelte Haut

Tattoomed laser aftercare - the care series especially for laser -treated skin

Gentle care after the tattoo removal

We have developed the tattoomed laser aftercare product range especially for skin care after removing tattoo paint with laser technology. For the first few hours and days after the treatment, the Tattoomed laser aftercare l1 acute Cream. It relieves redness and itching and has a pain -relieving effect. So you prevent inflammation and pollution so that a healthy wound climate can form.

So you turn them Tattoomed laser aftercare l1 acute Cream correctly

  • The lotion can be applied immediately after the treatment.
  • Under no circumstances let your skin dry out so that no scab can form.
  • At the same time, the skin must not soak. Bathing and long showering is therefore also taboo. Cream prefer to follow regularly when the skin hurts or tenses.

Fast regeneration for your skin

In the first 72 hours after laser treatment, the skin is red and sometimes slightly swollen. After three days, the symptoms of inflammation usually sound off - now it is time for ours Tattoomed laser Aftercare L2 Skin Repair Lotion! You can apply the soothing cream several times a day. It inhibits the itching and moisturizes. After 21 days at the latest, the regeneration process should have completely subsided with the support of the lotion.

Application recommendations for the regeneration phase

  • Protect your skin from UV radiation, heat and wet.
  • Wear the Tattoomed laser Aftercare L2 Skin Repair Lotion several times a day, if necessary.
  • Do not cover the treated skin area with plasters or associations.


Long-term protection for your skin

In many cases, tattooed skin areas have to be treated several times with laser technology. If the skin has recovered completely after three weeks, you can take the next appointment to laser and the regeneration begins from the front. Is the Treatment fully completed And healed the skin, it remains sensitive to UV radiation. You should also use it on cloudy winter days Cream with high sun protection factor use for care. the Tattoomed laser Aftercare L3 Protect Cream contains moisturizing ingredients and at the same time protects your skin from UV radiation.

The laser aftercare cream for every day

  • If you do the Tattoomed laser Aftercare L3 Protect Used cream, you don't need additional sunscreen. With sun protection factor 30, the lotion is more effective than conventional sunscreen with LSF 20 or LSF 25 and can also be used on hot sunny days.
  • Use the lotion not before swimming in open waters Or on the beach! It is vegan and made without animal testing, but some of the ingredients should not get into nature. Incidentally, this applies to almost all sunscreen available on the market.

Other areas of application for the Laser Aftercare series

Our tattoomed laser aftercare products are not only suitable for post -treatment of tattoo removal with laser technology. If your skin is irritated, swollen or it has to Strong irritation Staying, our lotions can help. Scar tissue is also maintained and protected with the beneficial lotions. If a laser treatment is imminent or if you want to maintain itchy, sensitive skin areas, you can also order all three laser aftercare products as a cheap product bundle.