Tattoohygiene in times of Corona: Are tattoostudios safe and germ -free?

Tattoohygiene in Zeiten von Corona: Sind Tattoostudios sicher und keimfrei?

Tattoohygiene in times of Corona: Are tattoostudios safe and germ -free?

The Covid-19 pandemic changes our everyday life in many areas and demands some restrictions. But what about tattoo studios? Does tattooing will run off as before pandemic in the future? We have researched a little and give you helpful tips on how to protect yourself against infection before, during and after your appointment. Because hygiene in tattoo studios has always been very important, the bottom line is not too much. So you can book your next tattoo date carefree now.

When can tattoo studios be able to open again?

In most federal states Service providers close to the body, so open hairdressers, beauticians and tattoo artists from mid -May. In the respective studios now prevail Even stricter hygiene regulations than before the pandemic. Also bring a clean mouth-nose protection to audition and follow the hygiene instructions of your studio (disinfection when entering, distance in the waiting area, etc.).

High standards apply not only in Covid 19 times!

Even if there is currently no fear of infection in your region, thorough hygiene is the be -all and end -all when tattooing. Freshly tattooed skin does not offer protection against germs - so the wound should be covered with patches immediately after stinging (for example with the Tattoomed Tattoo Protection Patches). They are breathable, waterproof and can stay on the wound for up to 5 days. So your body has time to regenerate something for itself and the wound closes at least with a thin first new layer of skin. After carefully removing the patch (you can find instructions on this on our product page) Tattoomed Cleansing Gel Clean in the morning and evening and with the Tattoomed after tattoo Cream thinly 2-4 times a day. A jump into a lake, into the warm sea or under the garden hose you should also resist yourself in the best weather! In addition, sport is taboo for the first few days and solarium anyway :) Please act according to your tattoo artist's care instructions to achieve the best result for your tattoo.

These changes await you when tattooing in the tattoo studio

  • As in retail and the hairdresser, tattoo studios now also apply Mask obligation for visitors and artists. Most tattoo artists wear mouth-nose protective masks anyway, so as not to contaminate the tattooed skin when speaking. Now visitors also wear masks to protect the tattoo artist.
  • The previous hygiene standards in tattoo studios focused more on the Avoidance of infections that are transmitted via the blood (for example HIV or hepatitis). Now the efforts are also concentrated on the Avoidance of smear infections and infections via the respiratory tract - Thanks to the already very high hygiene standards in tattoo studios, not too much changes.
  • In the entrance area of ​​your tattoo studios you will surely find a new station for Disinfecting the hands before. Do not take your face in the face after disinfecting and, if possible, do not touch your clothes.
  • Eating and drinking is now probably also prohibited in studios that have still allowed small strengths in the 2019 treatment room. If you have an appointment in front of you for several hours and with you in between Cola, bananas, glucose and other snacks want to strengthen, take a little break outside the studio's door and disinfect your hands when you enter.
  • You need to, do you need to sneeze or cough, give the tattoo artist a sign and hold your face in the crook of the arm instead of simply sneezing into the room. Even mouth-nose protection does not completely stop droplets made of the air from the mouth and nose.

Tattoo only in the studio!

Experienced tattoo artists have always advised to tattooed studios kept outside of sterile, whose hygiene measures are regularly controlled by the health department. In pandemic times the rule is Tattoo only in the studio the more important. Only in a clean treatment room in which the surfaces are regularly disinfected can be worked on the skin without germ. You should also refrain from self -testing with your own tattoo engine. Sterile work spaces, sterile tools and high standards to ensure security for tattoo fillers and tattoo artists in tattoo studios had the highest priority in front of Corona-a walk into the studio is therefore far less complex than the disinfection of kitchen tables and DIY needles!

Avoidance of infection during the regeneration phase

As long as your fresh tattoo is not completely regenerated, viruses and bacteria can collect there or penetrate the body through the weakened skin barrier. According to current findings, Covid-19 viruses spread mainly over the airways, but you should cover fresh tattoos clean before you go shopping or use public transport-especially with new taunts on your hands, face, neck or other uncovered spots.


Security goes with beauty

If you feel sick Fever have or under cough and sneeze suffer, you should not enter tattoo studios and preferably stay at home. Even if Corona is not the cause of your complaints, you may spread other pathogens when the condition. For example, if you are because of a Hay or pollen allergy Frequent coughing or runny nose, lay the appointment in the winter if possible and refer the problem before stinging with your tattoo artist. Always remember that other visitors and customers could feel unsettled by your frequent coughing, even if there is no acute risk of infection.