Tattoo weglasern: Mit welchen Risiken, Kosten und Schmerzen man rechnen muss und warum Pflege so wichtig ist.
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Laser tattoo: What risks, costs and pain you have to calculate and why care is so important.

A tattoo remains forever - but maybe not the same taste. If you are no longer satisfied with your work of art and want to get rid of it, people like Andrea Goemann end up. The trained business economist and alternative practitioner is the founder of finally without, the market leader for tattoo removal in Germany. In the interview, the specialist explains the risks to remove tattoos using laser for the patient, how the technology works, how it deals with the new regulation of the Federal Government and how important care is afterwards.

Dear Andrea, what are the main reasons for people to be removed tattoos

Most certainly think of the classic youth sin (tribal, name, 'ass consecration') that should finally be removed. Some tattoos have been stung, the body or personal taste has changed or the tattoo is to be brightened for a new cover-up. There are often very emotional reasons why people choose a distance in our finally without practices, e.g. because they combine a tattoo with a certain person or phase of life and no longer want to be remembered or the tattoo is mentally stressed because you just don't with it feels comfortable. In general, people consider the decision to be removed a tattoo very well.

Who can avoid everything there - is there a recognizable pattern?

About 75 % of our patients are women. Probably because the decision to remove a disturbing tattoo or permanent make-up is tackled faster and the body should be optimized aesthetically as quickly as possible by the public 'beauty printing. Men can apparently live with a disturbing tattoo longer. We also have many tattoo artists in treatment. In general, tattoo removal as well as tattoos run through the entire company, from trainee to the lawyer are all groups. Trust, respect and discretion are very important to us.

Can you also treat people who are allergic to a tattoo?

Yes, it is often the case that mostly older tattoos start to itch in summer when itchy. This reaction can also occur after treatment for tattoo removal. We provide detailed care instructions. If someone reacts very strongly to a tattoo color, e.g. red, he should have this clarified beforehand at the dermatologist.

TM blog interview-Epen-Ehne-Hamburg warting room

Waiting area finally without Hamburg

TM blog interview-Epen-Ehne-Hamburg treatment room

Treatment room finally without Hamburg

What risks do patients have to accept by distance?

As with all medical interventions, there are risks. Before and after treatment, bodybuilding, swimming, sauna and of course sun should be avoided to prevent infections, pigment disorders and scar formation. The disinfection and cooling of the treated area is particularly important in the first few days, after which we recommend the Laser juice Products from Tattoomed.

What are the difficulties of removing laser?

Black tattoo paint can usually be removed well. Unfortunately, not all tattoo colors can be removed using lasers. For this we finally clarify without a consultation. You need laser with several wavelengths for an optimal result, e.g. to be able to remove green tattoos. In my experience, bright colors such as yellow, white, orange, but also some dark red, purple and turquoise tones are particularly difficult. It can also be difficult to remove tattoos with many white highlights or with a lot of white color mixed tattoo colors.

How many sessions over what periods have to be carried out in order to remove a tattoo, which is roughly handmade size?

With most profitoos, we need about 6 and 12 treatments at a distance of approx. 6 weeks. For a cover-up brightening, about 2-6 treatments are usually sufficient. We also recommend longer breaks towards the end of the treatment, before a new tattoo should have passed at least 6 months after the last laser treatment. Depending on the color, the distance usually takes between 1 and 2 years. Of course, lay tattoos and shades can be removed faster.

How expensive is such a distance?

The prices start at Minitattoos at € 80 per individual treatment. We also have very large tattoo removal projects, the prices are up to € 300 per individual treatment, with very large tattoos e.g. tattoosleeves or large back tattoos are often divided into several treatments.

How many branches do you have and what is finally doing without any other way?

We finally founded in 2012 and currently 15 branches in Germany. We have completely specialized in laser tattoo removal. Some practices also offer further aesthetic treatments such as injections or permanent hair removal under our Skin new Skin brand

Laser treatment is also a very exhausting time for the skin. How important is the care of the skin afterwards and why do you rely on tattoomed?

It is important to maintain the treated area through special products. We recommend the treated area in addition to disinfection and cooling in the entire treatment break with the laser aftercare creams L1 and L2 Apply and massage every day to promote lymphatic transport as well as in summer with the L3 to protect from UV radiation.

Since December 31, 2020, only doctors have been legally allowed to remove tattoos by laser. What do you think of it and how did you finally solve it without?

Unfortunately, due to the new regulation of the federal government, some of our studios had to conclude. As legally prescribed, everyone is finally managed by doctors without practices. We train doctors and will soon hope to be without gifts at even more locations. Despite the new legal situation, we continue to strive to achieve a high quality of treatment and great results.

We are currently in a “mild lockdown” since November - how do you deal with the situation and what would you like to want from the federal government?

The new regulation in Germany has the advantage that they have finally opened as medical practices without locations. Of course there are special corona hygiene concepts. Personally, I would like partners such as tattoo and cosmetic studios and small business owners to be perceived and supported more by politics.

Thanks Andrea, for the great interview!

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