Jenny ist Tattooliebhaberin und Unternehmerin aus Leidenschaft. TattooMed heute als veganer Begleiter von Millionen Tätowierten ab Tag 1 bis hin zur dauerhaften Pflege von Tattoos zu sehen ist ihr Antrieb. Als großer Festival Fan findet sie ihren Ausgleich in ihren Reisen in die USA und im Tierschutz.

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The right stab depth is important. Too superficial - and the color grows out during skin renewal. Too deep - and there is a blowout.

What techniques are there?

Roughly distinguished, you can between the traditional methods in which the hand is tapped by hand and the electric tattoo machine. However, in making cultures, such as the Eskimos, also pulled threads under the skin in color to get an image.

Why do some tattoo artists knock and others work with the machine?

In the western world, working with an electric tattoo machine is simply widespread. The functionality is modeled on an electric bell. With the help of 2 coils, an electromagnetic field is generated that lets the clamped needle penetrate between 800 and 3000 times a minute. In this way you can work quickly and precisely. One hand tenses the skin and the other leads the needle. In the Asian region, many tattoos are traditionally stung by hand. For this purpose, needles are attached to the tip of long bamboo sticks. This technology places far higher demands on the tattoo's dexterity, but enables masters to vary in depth of the punctures. This allows tattoos to be made with impressive precision.

Which tattoo method is less painful?

Here too, opinions differ, but most of the people who were able to enjoy these techniques report that the Japanese, hand -engraved and the sparkling tattoos in the tradition of Borneo's tribes can be easily endured and heal very quickly. However, the completion of a tattoo in these methods generally brings a lot longer, which means that the resulting pain has to be endured longer overall.