Tattoo influencer in Germany and internationally: Who determines the look of the scene?

Tattoo-Influencer in Deutschland und international: Wer bestimmt den Look der Szene?

Tattoo influencer in Germany and internationally: Who determines the look of the scene?

The modern tattoo scene is undoubtedly shaped by social platforms such as Instagram, Tik Tok or Pinterest. Trends like the equally pain and magical Armpit tattoos get into circulation quickly over hashtags and groups and are often copied. So not only the tattoo artists earn money with their taverns, but sometimes also their customers: In addition to die -hard tattoo models, more and more influencers are also trying to stand out from the crowd with striking and innovative tattoos and thus increase their market value. We explain why tattooed internet stars arrive in Germany and internationally and at what point the Instagram hypes meet on pure tattoo madness.

My tattoos are my capital: influencers in the tattoo scene

Some tattooed influencers no longer have to worry about his pension: profiles like that of Marcelo Vieira Jr. (@marcelotwelve) People around the world reach over 44 million followers, so that the influencers behind can choose advertising contracts and jobs. But also that "Profile of next door" Win with a few tattoo haash tags and beautiful pictures of motifs on the skin quickly follower in the 5-digit range. There are plenty of influencers with good ideas on the net: When scrolling around, you have probably already found one or the other tattoo artist or influencer who represents your style and whose creative ideas you like to follow.

Tattoo influencer and their concepts of success

Follower mean advertising contracts for models and willingness to pay for artists. the big bandwidth In the meantime, every aesthetic taste really covers on influencers: whether hippie or avant-garde artist, rockabilly type or sexy tattoo bunny-after decades of bored, the colorful variety is refreshing in uniformly trimmed tattoo magazines and different subcultures are formed. In order to obtain media attention, influencers use different ways in the tattoo scene, which appeal to very different target groups.

A few examples of small and large celebrities online

  • The beauty type: Jewelry designer and tattoo influencer André Hamann (@andrehamann) or the British model Chez Rust (@chezrust) are typical examples of the ideal image of the successful man online.
  • Of course, there is an entire arsenal of female counterparts for the beauty type: Makani Terror (@makaniterror) or Kandi Maiolo (@kandizz) from Melbourne are only the tip of the iceberg.
  • Many long -established tattoo models To this day, influence the scene with its style and also diligently share it online. The models and artists around Classic Tattoo Krause in Berlin Mitte, for example, not only present themselves in the shop, but have also been known from film and television for years (for example Sina Minou @sinaminou).
  • Some Artist serve even as the best advertising for your style: Nancy Mietzi (@frau_mietziii_ink), Jen tonic (@jentonic) or Nadine Tischendorf (@deanibeanii) Wear the style, which you yourself sting in various studios for customers.
  • The girl next door: Profiles like that of @steppenwolf_ekieh, Sabrina Hofmann (@Sabi2107) or @jule.popule There are almost as often as stars in the sky. Most have jobs away from the world of Instagram. Many mega trends originally come from privately-looking profiles like this! So follow is worth it.
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André Hamann

Dangerous trends

Sad examples such as that of Aleksandra Sadowska (@anoxi_cime): The young Polish woman has from an inexperienced artist Tattooed eyeballs in black to let! With serious consequences: Today the influencer is officially blind and sees only a few blurred outlines in one eye. Her advancing blindness brought her a creepy look and about 25,000 followers. Please, dont't try that! If you are hunting for followers yourself and have the goal of becoming influencers, find your own style and stay authentic instead of wanting to stand out at all costs.

These hashtags lead you to trendy tattoo influencers

  • #inked
  • #tattoomodel
  • #inkedmodel
  • #girlswithtattoos
  • #inkedup
  • #inkstagram
  • #inkedlife
  • #tattooed

Trends that come and go

As quickly as new trends spread over the wide Instagram world, they seem to disappear so quickly. Trash polka tattoos or mminimalistic stripes almost already have Ass consecrated character, the styles were only developed a few years ago. A trend that is spreading further and more is therefore laser and blackened. If a cover-up is no longer possible, the entire arm is simply tattooed or in very costly and painful sessions. Such procedures can damage the skin sustainably. Before you copy the ideas of your icons online, let the inspiration work on you and observe the trend development on the net. After all, not every thousands of followers and the necessary change or the nerves have to pay tens of thousands of euros for changing tattoo concepts.