Tattoo Farben Verbot: Gründe und Auswirkungen
Jenny ist Tattooliebhaberin und Unternehmerin aus Leidenschaft. TattooMed heute als veganer Begleiter von Millionen Tätowierten ab Tag 1 bis hin zur dauerhaften Pflege von Tattoos zu sehen ist ihr Antrieb. Als großer Festival Fan findet sie ihren Ausgleich in ihren Reisen in die USA und im Tierschutz.

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Which tattoo colors are available on the German market?

As far as the selection of tattoo colors is concerned, tattoo artists are available for a wide range because many manufacturers specialize in the production of tattoo colors. The best -known providers include bullets, intentets, Eternal, Alla Prima and Atomic.

Why are these colors prohibited from time to time?

In Germany, every color must be registered with the Federal Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety. Since 2009, each manufacturer has been legally obliged to list all ingredients in detail. Only after successful examination by an expert is a color for sale. If one color does not meet the legal minimum requirements, it must not be sold.

Can tattoo colors really be carcinogenic?

Right is: there are determined colors that contain carcinogenic substances. However, suspicious substances are prohibited in accordance with the German Tattoo Ordinance (tattov). The composition is checked, for example, by the chemical and veterinary examination office in Baden-Württemberg (CVUA). If a tattoo color contains more than 30 milligrams per kilogram, it is classified as non-traffic.

Who tests the colors with my tattoo artist?

The health department ensures by regularly checking that only legal colors are used. However, it does not hurt to inquire with the tattoo artist which products he uses.