Tätowieren von Hand vs. Tätowieren mit Maschine - wie wirkt sich die Tattoo-Technik auf das Ergebnis aus?
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Tattooing by hand vs. tattooing with machine-how does the tattoo technique affect the result?

Tattoy machines are becoming more and more filigree-thanks to the advanced technology, tattoo artists can also sting complex motifs with fine details. Many tatto fans consciously turn their backs on the mechanically manufactured perfectionism and choose classic Hand Poked Tattoos. We have learned for you how the techniques differ and which tattoostyles can be realized with the renaissance of the slope -stone tattoos.

Hand Poked tattoos earlier and today

Before the invention of the tattoo machine (the first machine in the 1890s was patented), tattoo artists could only get their ink under hand. For this purpose, needles were dipped in a mixture of coal and water and carefully stung under the skin. In many Indonesian island states and some Asian countries, traditional tattooing is carried out by hand (mostly with pointed bamboo needles) according to old rules. Of course, modern tattoo artists do not use coarse bamboo sticks, but sterile needles and certified tattoo paint. Shades are also possible with modern hand Poked tattoon cups - multi -row needles on the metal rod are tied to the sting and brought under hand by hand.

These differences can be expected at hand Poked tattoos

  • Machine -created tattoos take significantly less time A motifs stabbed by hand. With manual technology, more frequently stabbed will.
  • It is said that the stinging by hand less painful is as the mechanical tattoo. However, this only applies to hand Poked tattoos with filigree needles and not for traditional Asian techniques with bamboo sticks.
  • Experts recognize the difference between handmade and mechanically engraved tattoos immediately. Outlines are somewhat unclean and coarser in the hand technique, the individual stings and color pads under the skin can still be seen when you look closely. This is how a raw lookthat fits many motifs.

Hand Poked please only from the professional!

Even if you want a "do it yourself" style for your tattoo, please don't really get stuck yourself. There are numerous tattoo artists who master the technology perfectly and have specialized in creating hand Poked tattoos. Before you fail on a handmade self -experiment with ink and a washed -out (or worst case inflamed) jail tattoo around with you, Therefore, be sure to contact an expert And leave the work to an artist with experience.

These techniques are suitable for hand Poked Styles

  • Mandalas (dotwork or lines)
  • Lettering with a natural look
  • Dotwork Tattoos
  • Black and White Tattoos in the sketch style
  • Classic old school motifs with strong outlines

For these motifs you should stay with the machine

  • Geometric tattoos
  • Sleeve with large areas
  • Black and White Styles with large black surfaces
  • Trash polka styles (printed optics)
  • New school motifs with large colored areas and color gradients

How do I find a hand Poked artist?

Via social media channels and galleries of tattoo artists, you can follow the work of artists and get an idea of ​​their technology. Those who tattoo by hand usually follow an individual style. Hand Poked artists also like to present their unusual way of tattooing at tattoo meals. If you look around the scene, you will quickly find a suitable artist who likes to stick your desired motif.

You should pay attention to this if you want a hand -stabbed tattoo

Hand stinging takes significantly longer than machine tattooing and requires several sessions for post -processing. If your budget is limited, it prefers to choose a small to medium -sized motif. Another advantage of handmade tattoos is the calm when tattooing: Without constant graves A tattoo machine is the stinging of stress -free and more pleasant.

Stress -free tattoo

Machine tattooing generally strikes the circulation a little more than the gentler tattooing. This is mainly due to increased stress level Because of the noise mentioned above and the multitude of small punctures that are added to the skin with a tattoo machine. For a tattoo date, you should therefore always go sober, sleep out and full. Take sugary drinks and a few salt bars with you if you tend to be a weak blood pressure. Since the stinging is significantly slower, the skin must also less puncture per hour plug in. In this way, skin and nerves are less stressed and the stress level drops.

The regeneration process after the jump -off

  • The regeneration process after tattooing is the same for both techniques.
  • With a Tattoomed Tattoo Protection Patch You can cover your tattoo artist freshly tattooed skin after stinging.
  • In both techniques, the wound will easily wet in the coming days. Under the Tattoomed Tattoo Protection Patch Forms a regenerative wound climate.
  • Hellen some places in the course of the regeneration process, look for your tattoo artist after full healing for control. With hand -stabbed tattoos, it often has to be re -enacted again.