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Pro und Contra von White Ink Tattoos – Was steckt hinter den weißen Motiven?

White Ink Tattoos split the spirits. They are inconspicuous, but somehow not! For tatto fans, such a white motif is a real eye -catcher. The trend has existed for 20 years, but the technology is currently being desired more and more in the tattoo studio by Instagram and Co. However, you shouldn't let such a white ink tattoo stab. The extraordinary colors have extraordinary properties.

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Tätowieren von Hand vs. Tätowieren mit Maschine - wie wirkt sich die Tattoo-Technik auf das Ergebnis aus?

Tattoy machines are becoming more and more filigree-thanks to the advanced technology, tattoo artists can also sting complex motifs with fine details. Many tatto fans consciously turn their backs on the mechanically manufactured perfectionism and choose classic Hand Poked Tattoos. We have learned for you how the techniques differ and which tattoostyles can be realized with the renaissance of the slope -stone tattoos.

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