Tattoos in old age - tattoos age with

Tätowierungen im Alter – Tattoos altern mit

Tattoos in old age - tattoos age with

"What do you do with the tattoo when you are old?" - This rather meaningless question is not so rarely asked. "When I'm old, I'll be wrinkled anyway!" - You have certainly heard such an argument for tattoos from many sleeve carriers and friends of large tattoos. One or the other tatto vins can also be excused with such a saying. But what actually happens with tattooed skin when it gets older? We got to the bottom of the question and show you what you can do to be able to proudly show your tattoos in old age.

A question of style

Anyone who immerses them in the world of the tattoos usually never regrets their decision. In fact, most tattooed over 60 are still satisfied with their tattoos in general, even if there is one or the other sin that they would rather not have stung. The decisive factor is the tattoostle: meaningless tribals and trend tattoos from the past do not be as well received by their older straps as works of art with personal value. Anyone who as a young adult Old School, Rockabilly motifs or black-and-gray motifs can often stand up to their style in old age and like to think back "The Wild Time".

A tattoo lasts longer than you think

Even if a tattoo changes like the skin above over the years, the motif remains for life for a few exceptions. Postpaper is a purely cosmetic measure to preserve fine lines and radiant colors and not absolutely necessary to maintain the motif as such. Whether and when wrinkle forms the motif depends on the selected area and the general nature of the skin. Most Pieces on the arms and legs, on the bottom or on the upper body remain into old age wrinkle -free And remain well recognizable. Tattoos are problematic on the hands, on the feet or on the neck - these games lose tightness early, so that finely stung tattoos can easily change.

Age sign for tattooed skin

  • In -depth of the pores (in the pores the color is often more intense than on the skin surface).
  • Sluping of the skin (straight lines out of bumps).
  • Constant drought (a gray shed veil over the tattoo).
  • Fading the color.
  • Expiring contours.
  • Changes in the colors (black becomes blue, red becomes pink).

Long -term care for beautiful tattoos

With the right care, color pigments are preserved under the skin for significantly longer and are not broken down by the body. The rumor that removed color particles collect in certain organs is by the way true. With die -hard tatto fans with large -scale works of art under the skin, it is likely that lymph nodes and adrenal glands are colored greenish or black after a few decades. If high -quality colors have been used, there is no health risk. A short checklist shows what you can do so that the pigments stay where they belong as possible:

This is how you prevent ages in your tattoos

  • Avoid injuries, sunburns, pressure and friction. If the skin is constantly stressed, it cannot regenerate so easily and natural protective layers such as cornea and scab form it.
  • the Tattoomed Daily Tattoo Care Lotion serves as a daily Basic protection For tattooed skin. It protects your tattoo from UV radiation and ensures a pleasant skin feeling.
  • Fine -out tattoos need on sunny days Additional UV protection. the Tattoomed Sun Protection 25 and Tattoomed Sun Protection 50 Creams are used to cover large tattoos. With the Tattoomed Sun Protection Stick With sun protection factor 30 you can protect small tattoos on the face or on your hands from UV radiation.
  • Feed yourself healthy, treat yourself to a lot of sleep and specifically take antioxidants to you - after all, skin health not only comes from the outside, but also from the inside.