Sun Protection - This is how the tattoomed sun protection works on the skin

Sun Protection - So funktioniert der TatttooMed Sonnenschutz auf der Haut

Sun Protection - This is how the tattoomed sun protection works on the skin

Tattooed skin has to endure a lot in sunlight: the rays of the sun penetrate into the lower layers of the skin even in cloudy weather. UV-A and UV-B radiation is a small extent beneficial for vitamin D production and gives the skin a healthy complexion. If there is too strong or too long radiation, however, problems such as early skin aging, redness or even burns threaten. This is also noticeable in tattooed skin. Sun creams like the Tattoomed Sun Protection products donate soothing moisture and effectively protect the skin from UV rays. As we without animal experiments Make sure that our Tattoomed Sun Protection products protect your tattoos from the sun, you will find out here:

UV radiation and tattooed skin: Why doesn't that fit together?

Sun radiation has an impact on our skin and the color pigments in it. When tattooing, tattoo color is stung into the second layer of skin under the constantly renewing epidermis, the dermis layer. UV-A can ray them Pigment So easily reach and damage. UV-B radiation also penetrates deeply into the epidermis and ensures (short-term) tanning, but also damages the Cells and destroys the natural protection of the skin. If you put your tattooed skin out of the sun too often and too long, the damaged pigments can be broken down from the body and collect in the adrenal glands or in the lymph nodes. Both UV-A and UV-B radiation also ensure faster skin aging by attacking the genetic code of the cells. Visible consequences of too much UV radiation for tattooed skin

  • Fading colors (the fastest leave yellow and red tattoo colors)
  • Fleck formation (sprinkles) in the skin pores, since dark colors are better protected from radiation.
  • Blurring of contours
  • Slight deformation of the motif (for example after a sunburn)

Effective protection for skin and tattoo: That's why sunscreen is indispensable

Conventional sunscreen or sun milk works like a protective filter for the skin. In addition to water and moisturizer, there is always a UV filter that works either mineral (physically) or chemically. Next to Filter broadband UV-A/UV-BAs you are in our Tattoomed Sun Protection products, there are also creams with pure UV-A or UV-B. Of the Sun protection factor A cream indicates how long the user can stay in the sun without a sunburn.


  • With our Tattoomed Sun Protection LSF 25 Creme can withstand sunlight 25 times longer than without the sun protection.
  • Of the Tattoomed Sun Protection Stick LSF 30 Gives your skin 30 times protection against UV-A and UV-B radiation.
  • The extrast Tattoomed Sun Protection LSF 50 Creme offers 50 times protection compared to your natural defense.
  • How high the radiation exposure per hour depends on various environmental factors and your skin type. After about 20 to 60 minutes, normal skin shows the first defense phenomena in the blazing sun and is damaged in the long term when repeated.
  • LSF information only relates to protection against UV-B radiation!

1. Sun cream with mineral filter

All Tattoomed Sun Protection creams as well as the Tattoomed Sun Protection Stick LSF 30 contain tiny mineral particles (titanium oxide and zinc oxide), which reflect the sunlight and do not even leave radiation to the skin. They act superficially like a small protective film of reflective metal particles - since the allergy risk is minimized, we also use physical filters for our tattoomed Sun Protection products at Tattoomed. Advantages and disadvantages of mineral UV filters

  • The color of the microparticles in the cream is white-so sunscreen leaves a white film on the skin with a mineral UV filter.
  • UV radiation does not even penetrate the skin and there is less heat (cooling skin feeling).
  • The thin film made of microparticles can be washed off with water. So when bathing you should apply regularly.


2. Sun cream with a chemical filter

Chemical filters move into the skin and work on the molecular level. The electron sleeves of the filter fabrics react with light and convert UV rays into harmless heat (infrared light). Since color pigments can react to heat under the skin and can be destroyed at high temperatures, the chemical filter is rather not suitable for tattooed skin.

Hauch protection with system

At Tattoomed, we develop our products as animal and environmentally friendly as possible. Our lotions and creams are 100 % vegan and the effectiveness is detected without animal experiments. Of course we stick to the German Cosmetic regulation and lead tests International ISO standards through. For this purpose, marked skin areas on the back of human subjects are treated with UV-A and UV-B radiation for a certain time. This shows exactly how high the individual's individual protection is and how long the skin resists with a protective UV filter of radiation.

Hard facts for interested parties

    • Admission of sun protection products: There is no admission of sun protection products. We therefore adhere to the general cosmetic regulation and also to the EU recommendation for sun protection from September 22, 2006.
    • Our tests are international standard: We are ISO 24444: 2010 (E) and ISO 24443: 2012 (e) certified.
    • GMP ensures production in the pharmaceutical environment: GMP ("Good Manufacturing Practice") is the "good manufacturing practice for medicines". The GMP rules are laid down in national and international regulations. GMP focuses, among other things, the requirements for hygiene, the premises, the equipment, documentation and controls. The production of tattoomed is based on the valid GMP regulations. It goes without saying that our employees have the relevant training and further education.
    • Tattoomed color protection through special UV filter combination: The special filter combination we chose enables the UV rays to be absorbed and reflected on the dermis in which the tattoo color is also introduced and the tattoo paint introduced.
    • Sun spectrum: Sunlight consists of a spectrum of different, visible and non -visible types of radiation, which is sufficient of 280 - 3,000 Nm.
    • Penetration depths in the skin:The wavelength of the UV radiation determines its depth of penetration in the tissue. The long-wave UV-A penetrates deeper into the tissue than UV-B.
    • What does a good UV filter make?:Not all UV filters are equally good. There are UV filters that disintegrate under UV radiation, i.e. are not photostable. This reduces the protective effect and the decay products can irritate the skin. Some chemical sun protection filters can trigger allergies. This reaction is often interpreted as a sun allergy. With our special filter combination we combine the best of both types of filter to guarantee color protection for your tattoos