Space Tattoos - What makes geometric space tattoos a supreme discipline of the scene?

Space Tattoos - Was macht geometrische Weltraum-Tattoos zur Königsdisziplin der Szene?

Space tattoos-What makes geometric space tattoos the scene of the royal discipline?

Honestly - if you've ever seen a well -stung Space tattoo, then you know for a great impression of colors, planets and galaxies in the form of sleeves or minimalist symbols. Geometric space tattoos can currently be seen more and more. This is not only due to the zeitgeist of the 21st century, after all we are The first generation to get a detailed picture of the universe at all and is introduced to new worlds by science. The tattoo technology has also improved and enabled itself over the past few decades complex and detailed motifs like never before. No wonder that capable tattoo artists love to prove themselves with a bright geo-space tattoo. You can find out overview what is behind the trend and what you should pay attention to when jumping:

Out in Space - Tattoo Time Lapse


What is the meaning behind a geo-space tattoo?

There are various reasons for space tattoos in different shapes and sizes. The bearer of such a tattoo has one thing in common: a deep fascination for the universe and the macrocosm behind our horizon. Here are a few opportunities for interpretation that motivate tatto fans into such a motif:

A space tattoo as a declaration of love for science

The combination of mathematics and astronomy has something magical not only for scientists. Numbers and geometric shapes are considered universal language And reveal the order behind the chaos in nature. The idea that there are probably thousands of habitable planets in addition to our world, gives us hope and drives us ahead to further explore and settle the sky. If you can't do anything with religious motifs and look for a universal truth, you feel like magically drawn to the cosmos. The combination of geometry and natural objects such as stars, planets, asteroids, and galaxies is not only visually appealing, but also reflects the character of things in aesthetic way. Pretty profound, what?

Ciao, your pentagonal stars!

You have certainly seen individual old school stars and sleeves with thick-bordered jacks hundred times or even wear them. Modern geometric space tattoos are inspired by these motifs and perfect the idea. A small disadvantage: filigree geo-space tattoos are significantly more complex than classic asterisk motifs - regardless of whether it is a nationwide

How is a geometric space tattoo created?

The first step towards your personal space tattoo with geometric shapes is the selection of a suitable motif. A big advantage in the composition of space tattoos is the wide range of motifs, shapes and colors. Each space tattoo is an absolute unique and can consist of various themed elements. The tattoo artist you trust has a few creative ideas on how to conjure up planets and forms of your choice for a creative motive.

These elements often appear in geo-world space tattoos

  • Lines, circles and geometric shapes With fine contours often serve as a background or are completely filled with space motifs.
  • Galaxies offer space for creative color combinations and are shown as foggy vertebrae with several "poor".
  • Geometric pattern serve as a basic structure for many space tattoos. Most often honeycomb patterns are kept for the loosening of realistic space motifs, since they naturally contain a lot of black and dark blue.
  • The Fibonacci episode is a simple mathematical formula that can be strikingly determined in nature and can be represented in the form of a snail.
  • Stars are usually realistically tattooed on a dark background. The sun, which is ultimately nothing more than a star, as well as special shapes such as red giants, supernovae, neutron stars and black holes can also be clearly and elegant as minimalist motifs.
  • Planet can also have all colors and be shown realistically or minimalistically.
  • Comets and asteroids are easy to recognize by their basic form and make motifs alive.
  • Astronauts stand for the connection between us humans and space. Modern technology also makes it possible to design realistic astronaut portraits.
  • Zodiac sign, either in its symbolic form or as a constellation with connecting lines, bring a spiritual note into the motif.

Curious about the neighborhood: the solar system as a minimal tattoo

A geometric space tattoo doesn't always have to be realistic, dark and huge. Solar structures such as our solar system can also be recorded in simple symbols. In conjunction with geometrically correct Thin Lines, colorful points become a whole solar system. This is how you recognize individual planets

  • Mercury: brown
  • Venus: yellow, beige or pink
  • Earth: blue and green, often with clouds or moon.
  • Mars: red
  • Jupiter: Very large, brownish beige with vertebrae or stripes.
  • Saturn: recognizable ring
  • Uranus: light blue, sometimes with thin, white ring.
  • Neptune: dark blue
  • Pluto: very small, white or gray

Challenges of stinging geometric space tattoos

For an expressive and creative space tattoo, you should let a specialist to the needle who has already had experience with the stinging of geometry tattoos and/or space tattoos. Two techniques must be combined for a handsome space tattoo with geometric shapes: First, one is one Exact lines Important for just geometric shapes and thin lines, on the other hand, the tattoo artist has to use multiple needles for gentle color gradients if realistic space elements should also occur. In any case, such a space tattoo is a real eye-catcher!