Sun care for tattoos - the tattoomed solar products

Sonnenpflege für Tattoos – die TattooMed Sonnenprodukte

Sun care for tattoos - the tattoomed solar products

As is well known, sun refueling is healthy and stimulates the production of vitamin D in the body. Too much sun harms the skin and, in the worst case, can lead to bad sunburns. Tattooed skin is very sensitive to sunlight and should always be protected well.

Why is tattooed skin particularly sensitive to UV?

  • UV radiation damages and changes the skin cells.
  • Color pigments are destroyed by UV radiation and broken down by the body.
  • Certain colors react strongly to heat and UV radiation so that the skin in the sun swells slightly.
  • Feelings of tension, itching, sensitivity to touch or burning can occur in particular with large -scale tattoos and in motives with a high proportion of white color.
  • If tattooed skin is regularly exposed to the sun without UV protection, the colors fade and the contours lose sharpness.
  • The following applies to tattooed and non-tattooed skin: UV radiation accelerates the skin aging process and wrinkles earlier.
  • UV protection for sunny days.

Before sunbathing (whether in the studio or in the open air) you should protect your skin with a cream with a suitable sun protection factor. In the case of tattooed skin areas that are not covered by clothing, sun protection is worthwhile even in winter. With the Tattoomed Sun Protection 25 You can protect your tattooed skin on sunny days and maintain it comfortably. So there is no dry veil from skin scales over the colors and the skin feels like a caress and pleasant. When the sun is burning particularly strongly or you are planning a day on the beach or in the outdoor pool, wear the strong one Tattoomed Sun Protection 50 Cream on tattooed games. We have paid special attention to a easy -to -waste and waterproof texture without feeling a “breaded schnitzel”. Our Sun products are quick and therefore nothing sticks :-)

Tatto pot for on the go

On the way you are sometimes just surprised by the weather. The Tattoomed Sun Protection Stick with sun protection factor 30 fits into every pocket and is always there. If you spontaneously eat an ice cream, enjoy the lunch break in the sun or take the bike to the city instead of the train, you can pull out the handy pen within seconds and apply particularly sensitive zones immediately. Incidentally, the stick and all other tattoomed products are not only practical for tattooed skin, but can also be used for the tip of the nose, cheeks, forehead and other heavily loaded areas.

Tattoos in the sun: You should pay attention to that

  • In the shade you don't get brown so quickly, but not so quickly red. Treat your skin on summer days out of the blazing sun for a few breaks and sit down on shady cookies.
  • If you work in the open air, try to protect your tattoos in addition to the Tattoomed Sun Protection Creme by clothing or installation screens, sunscapes and other shadow dispensers.
  • Even if you don't feel burning, you should always treat your exposed tattoos if you spend time in the sun.
  • Make sure you always drink enough water. The skin is supplied from the outside and from the inside and dries out more easily in the sun.


After treatment for sun -tanned skin

After a long day in the sun, the skin has to regenerate and requires a lot of moisture. The fragrant Tattoomed after sun Lotion feels pleasantly cool on the skin, pulls in quickly and donates moisture. No fat film sticks to your skin - after applying it you can dress up as normal or bounce to bed in order to give you and your skin time to refuel. If you notice redness and swelling or you feel uncomfortable and overheated after the evening showering, wear them Tattoomed after sun Cream just a second or third time to feel velvety in your skin again.