So bereitest Du Dich auf einen Tattootermin vor
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So you prepare for a tattoo date

Tattoo is not the same as tattooing: each skin type reacts differently to certain color pigments. The healing process can be favored or disturbed by many factors. In order to achieve the best possible results when stinging, you should prepare for every tattoo date. We have summarized the most important steps to prepare for a session so that you can hold through for a long time at the next appointment and then suffer less. In all cases, respect what your tattoo artist tells you in advance how you should come to the appointment :)

1. Go sober!

A tattoo session is absolute stress for the body. The idea of ​​a calming schnapps is obvious, but is by no means recommended. If you are not completely sober with the tattoo artist, this affects blood clotting. In the worst, color pigments are simply rinsed out of the skin and the tattoo becomes pale and imprecise. Pain relievers and marijuana consumption can also have a negative impact.

2. Do not stab on empty stomach

The longer a tattoo session lasts, the stronger the circulation is loaded. You should therefore eat well before tattooing. If the session runs over several hours, you can also pack salt bars and cola as a provisions. With the nibbling, you also bridge boring phases and can distract yourself sensibly.

3. Set matching care products

In order to accelerate the healing process and protect your fresh tattoo from inflammation, you should be with a Tattoomed Protection Patch cover. You can simply bring the patch to your tattoo artist and use it to cover instead of cling film.

These skin care products should not be missing in your bathroom

4. Allergy tests for sensitive skin types

If you have sensitive skin or tend to allergies, there is an allergy test before the first tattoo date. The tattoo artist stabs a single point under the skin. Such an allergy test is not quite cheap, since the equipment required has to be sterilized as with normal tattooing. In the case of risk cases, such a test can be worthwhile - with allergic reactions to large -scale tattoos, only an operational procedure and removing the freshly tattooed skin areas.

5. The cleaner, the better

When a new tattoo is created on the arm, leg or on the upper body, the tattoo artist often reaches for the razor before stinging and removes the smallest hairs around the skin to be tattooed. You should also have your tattoo artist done and please do not do it yourself in advance. Because sometimes the skin reacts with small pimples or strong redness after shaving and this can affect the disadvantage of your tattoo date! So please let the tattoo artist shave directly on the day of your appointment

6. Take a break

If a larger tattoo date awaits you, don't do too much for the day. On the day of the session, you shouldn't exert yourself mentally or physically. Ideally, you should also treat yourself to vacation on the following day and refuel your strength reserves. Extremity or cardio training is also prohibited on the day of the session and for at least 3 days later.

7. Do you have a driver?

After tattooing, you may feel a little foggy - meet feelings of happiness on stress hormones and form an unpredictable mood cocktail. If the planned tattoo session lasts longer than four hours, you should therefore oblige a driver to ensure that you arrive at home unscathed. If your tattoo date takes place in a foreign city, plan an overnight stay in case of doubt.

8. Agreements with the tattoo artist

Many tattoo artists freely draw their motifs on the skin of their customers and do not use a template. Nevertheless, you should discuss the desired motif with your tattoo artist before your session. So you avoid unnecessary discussions about technology, choice of colors and artistic freedoms of the tattoo artist and know exactly what to expect.

9. In these cases you have to cancel your tattoo date

  • If you are tired Circuit problems have or show symptoms of illness, you should listen to your body and move the appointment.
  • Injuries Like scratches, scratched mosquito bites or sunburns, tattooing also makes it impossible. Let the skin heal completely before you let scars beyond.
  • Pimples and big ones Birthmark the tattoo artist cannot easily survive. Coarse skin irritation must be removed from the dermatologist before color pigments can be stung under the skin.
  • You get cold feet Or would like to think about the motif again? Better Save Than Sorry - You should only get stuck if you really want the motif and feel comfortable in the studio.