Selbstgestochene Tattoos – Kann das funktionieren? Unsere Tipps
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Self -stabbed tattoos - can that work?

For some, homemade tattoos may have something wicked - the Stick and Poke Trend, which is also offered by sought -after artists and studios today, finally finds its roots in homemade taunts. The little secret under the skin can quickly become an infectious nightmare without professional tools, tested colors and the calm hand of a professional. Why self -prone tattoos almost always A stupid idea If and how you can at least properly take care of an aligned evil, you will find out in the short DIY tattoo guide.

When does a DIY tattoo make sense?

In short-tattooing is only something for professional tattoo artists who invest a lot of practice before you dare to do real skin. Your own skin is a good one Exercise area For prospective tattoo artists, but also a limited raw material. As the future star of the tattoo scene, you finally want to serve as a figurehead and not be littered with beginners. Even seasoned tattoo artists prefer to let their own tattoos stab out of the scene by colleagues and friends. So nothing can happen if the circulation makes limp and the perspective is right from every perspective. Four good reasons why you shouldn't stab your tattoo yourself

  • DIY tattoos of the "old school" (with a needle and ink) almost always ignite, which slows down the healing process and, in the worst case, can lead to sepsis (blood poisoning).
  • The skin is irritated more than with professional machines and the Scarring is more extreme. With a sewing or plug-in needle, you add rough injuries to your skin, which usually stand out from the rest of the skin after healing.
  • When stinging without a tattoo machine, color pigments are distributed more unevenly than in the professional studio. Cloud and shadow formation, visible pores in the tattoo and others beauty mistake occur frequently. In addition, a tattoo worse can be removed by laser, as many color pigments simply sit too deep in the skin.
  • You can actually do without uncomfortable dislocations Only your legs or your left arm (or edit the right to left -handed). From this point of view, realistic shades and freely marked motifs can hardly be represented.

Safety instructions for self -engraved tattoos

If, despite all the warnings, you think you have to stab your next tattoo yourself, you should consider some safety instructions. This is how you minimize the risk of complications and can hope for a considerable result.

  • Use Under no circumstances safety or sewing needles for stinging. It should be a real tattoo machine.
  • Ash, soot and fountain of filler are not suitable as Tattoo colors.
  • Hold exactly that Rules for aftercare Fresh tattoos.
  • Disinfect the skin before tattooing. Härchen should also be removed beforehand so that they cannot grow in.
  • Be sure to wear gloves, especially if you get your DIY tattoo together with a friend.

The correct post -treatment for homemade tattoos

Whether self -stabbed or professionally pricked - the aftercare for tattoos is similar in all methods. If you stab your tattoo yourself, prepare the first aid well and put one Tattoomed Tattoo Protection Patch out or cut the Tattoomed Tattoo Protection Film right. If complications such as bark formation or bleeding occur, turn to a dermatologist immediately.

Treatment tips from day 1 to healing

Sleep over it again

DIY tattoos usually arise under extreme conditions: You may be too young to tattoo, you can't afford a tattoo or just don't want to wait for an appointment. You spontaneously come up with a tattoo idea, do yourself a favor and Do not reach for the needle immediately. If you take blood-thinning medication or if you are in your great idea under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you'd better forget the DIY tattoo right away. If the blood is diluted, color pigments are simply rinsed out of the wound and the tattoo is guaranteed to be a letdown. A tattoo stays under your skin forever - so treat yourself to some time to think and think about whether the investment for a professionally stung motif might be more likely to be worthwhile.