Pain when stinging? That comes up with you when tattooing!

Schmerz beim Stechen? Das kommt beim Tätowieren auf Dich zu!

Pain when stinging? That comes up with you when tattooing

Tattoos are not for delicate minds: the fact that stinging tattoos hurts is known. But what really comes towards you when stabbing? We summarize in an honest and detailed experience report what happens when tattooing in the body and how you can relieve pain after stinging.

Bite your teeth together! -The different tattoo healing phases and their pitfalls

When tattooing, the smallest color pigments using special needles are stung under your upper layers of the skin and remain in the fibroblasts of the middle skin layer. Since the color pigments are too large to be broken down by the body, they remain in place and the motif lasts for a lifetime. Since thousands or even millions of small micro -injuries occur in the skin, depending on the size of the motif, the first defense reactions are not long in coming:

1. The tattoo session in the studio

Before your first tattoo appointment you may be a bit excited, but the simple truth about tattooing is as follows: tattoo needles are very uncomfortable, but the pain is quite tolerable for a few minutes or hours. The stinging of contours and cover-ups usually hurts significantly more than coloring large areas. It is important that you Canders required breaksif the pain hits the mind too much - if you would like to push away the tattoo artist with every new line or hit him, ask about a break or End the session for the day. Your head knows very well in the subconscious what your body can endure.

This happens when tattooing in the body:

  • Contour stitches are comparable to the skin's light cracking; Large needles for filling out surfaces feel rather hot and burning.
  • Your body recognizes needles and color pigments as a foreign body and drives up its immune defense.
  • The general stress level increases (body and psyche).
  • The fresh micro injuries cause the skin to swell and behave like small inflammation.
  • The tattoo artist has to touch or wipe freshly tattooed places frequently and the needle often has to sting over the same place several times - keep your nerves!

2. The first evening

In the first few hours after tattooing, your body is heavily tapped and your circulation can drop sharply. When jumping big motifs, you should bring a friend who accompanies you home after the session. Alcohol and drugs are absolutely taboo! Since your kidneys and liver are running at full speed anyway by tattooing, you should also do without pain relievers if possible - the worst is finally done at this point. Next to Light flu symptoms Your skin also shows strong reactions in the first few hours. Roots and swelling are completely normal, wound water also escapes from the tattooed skin.

Tips for pain relief on the first evening:

  • You can use our wound water and dried blood with our Tattoomed Cleansing Gel And wash some water.
  • Attention: do not shower or dip your arm under water!
  • let the Tattoomed Protection Patch Or the protective film on the skin if possible so that a healthy wound climate is created and there is no color on textiles.
  • That Tattoomed after tattoo Gel cools and suppresses itching.

3. The healing phase

From day two after tattooing, you can do without permanent patches and let air to your new tattoo. The skin quickly goes into the healing phase and destroyed skin cells around the new color pigments regenerate. In this process, numerous unnecessary color pigments are brought to the skin surface, as well as dead skin cells - this ensures strong dandruff formation and itches especially with large -scale tattoos as crazy. Cooling ointments such as the tattoomed after tattoo ointment can help and relieve the itching.

So you avoid pain and an unpleasant itching during the healing phase:

  • Avoid competitive sports and eat healthy so that the skin can regenerate quickly.
  • Avoid solar radiation! This burns and destroys skin cells and color molecules.
  • Scratching is of course absolutely forbidden! This loosen more color pigments than necessary and the tattoo becomes pale and spongy.
  • Provide the skin with moisture several times a day - Tattoomed after tattoo Protects and maintains in one.

Why are narcotics taboo?

In every reputable tattoo studio there is an absolute ban on alcohol and drugs- alcoholized customers are not tattooed in principle. A small sip of pain relief is therefore not for you. You should also do the day before and in the first days after tattooing Do without alcohol and medicationto avoid strain on your body. Because of his Blood -thinning effect Alcohol also ensures excessive wound water production and can promote bleeding. So the color pigments are literally washed out of the skin and all the effort was free-with a short abstinence phase you do something good for yourself and your tattoo!