Celebrity body art - the most beautiful and bizarre tattoos of the celebrities

Promi-Körperkunst - Die schönsten und skurrilsten Tattoos der Promis

Celebrity body art - the most beautiful and bizarre tattoos of the celebrities

Tattoos are part of the good tone for supporters and are also widespread under Celebrities. Even actors and models Also wear large -scale tattoos today, although they have to remain constantly changeable - make -up and image processing make it possible. The celebrities use their freedoms through the bank. Bad Boys are no longer wearing tattoos. Of course, this can also go wrong, so that bizarre motifs arise that bring at least one thing: headlines. We fished the most bizarre tattoos of the celebrities and various trends among the VIPs from the World Wide Web.

It can always be a little more

If you are in public, you can hardly keep a new tattoo secret. Every idea, no matter how slope is quickly copied by fans or establishes itself Scenery trend. Celebrities are therefore under pressure and have to come up with always more unusual motifs if they want to stand out among colleagues. This phenomenon is particularly common in the modern hip hop scene, where the facial tattoos are currently becoming larger, more crazy and more numerous.

A few prominent examples of conspicuous tattoos

In addition to popular motifs such as anchors, the names of family members and asterisks, some celebrities choose motifs that stand out and sometimes follow them after laser. Here are a few famous tattoo sins:


Billy Bob Of Angelina Jolies Wild youth in front of Brad Pitt once testified her typical 90s tattoo on the upper arm: a dragon, including the first names of her then lovers Billy Bob Thornton in ancient Scripture. More 90s hardly works, what? After laser treatment, your upper arm today adorns the coordinates of your children's birthplace.

Scarett's lamb Hollywood superstar Scarlett Johansson surprisingly wears (and big!) Tattoos for an actress. After all, there is nothing of the colorful body jewelry in her films, which should require a lot of effort on the set. Among other things, she wears a large rose strand that reaches across her back. Next to it is a black and white lamb. Correctly heard: a lamb! To do this, she wears one on the wrist Small, sweet Mjöllnir hammer with the inscription "I love ny" And a squeaky-colored sunrise as a mini-piece on the forearm. A more colorful mix really does not wear the Hollywood ladies on the skin. Incidentally, like almost all Avengers actors, Scarlett wears a small group tattoo on the inside of her upper arm.

Steve-O There can be no listing of bizarre tattoos without steve-o. The American series star from the crazy Jackass team had to deal with strong drug addiction for years and had many of his completely insane tattoos prick up. The highlights include the following works of art:

  • Self-Portrait: A realistic, oversized portrait of himself on his back. There he poses with two thumb raised and even signed the picture in oversize. It can hardly be crazy.
  • Man and Strauß: It can be crazy! According to rumors, the Man-and-Ostrich tattoo was originally a man-and-infant tattoo with pornographic well. That was too blatant himself and he covered the child with a bird bouquet. Fortunately, with a stunt, the lower half of the man-bird porn on his arm almost completely burned and he had the scar overlooked again, so that "man and bouquet" only ride well motorcycle today.
  • Fat lady: Based on a well-known fashion brand of the 90s and the cut-out cooler hood ladies from truckers, the silhouette of a fat lady adorns the stomach of steve-o. Like almost all of his tattoos, this huge joke seems to be for him.


The celebrities and their power animals

Almost every celebrity wears an animal motif somewhere as a lucky charm or as a representation of your own personality. Among footballers are strikingly often the power animal of choice, for example Özil's proud lion on their arms. Or you just do it like Justin Bieber: In addition to a lion, he also wears a bear, two eagles and a tiger on the body. A to Z-celebrities pay their favorite animals with tattoos respect:

  • Actress Charlize Theron wears a little one Elephant On the ankle.
  • Model Cara Delevingne wears one Line On the one hand, adorns the index finger of the other hand - a lion, what else?
  • Musician Joe Jonas and actress Sophie Turner wear a small portrait of her deceased dog Waldo as a couple tattoo.
  • Jennifer Aniston is also nothing sacred than her deceased dog Norman. Her only tattoo is a lettering of his name on her foot.
  • In addition to portraits of her dogs and a cat head, Miley Cyrus also wears a friendly Spherical (dedicated to your fish Pablow) on your arm.
  • Singer Ariana Grande wears a minimalist bee Behind the ear, which is reminiscent of the victims of the terrorist attack on one of her concerts in Manchester.
  • Musician Moby expresses his love for animals with clear words: Animal Rights is unmistakably written in thick letters. If you don't understand the message, you also let the lettering vegan for life stab on his neck for you.