Pro and contra by White Ink Tattoos - what is behind the white motifs?

Pro und Contra von White Ink Tattoos – Was steckt hinter den weißen Motiven?

Pro and contra by White Ink Tattoos - what is behind the white motifs?

White Ink Tattoos split the spirits. They are inconspicuous, but somehow not! For tatto fans, such a white motif is a real eye -catcher. The trend has existed for 20 years, but the technology is currently being desired more and more in the tattoo studio by Instagram and Co. However, you shouldn't let such a white ink tattoo stab. The extraordinary colors have extraordinary properties. You should definitely know these 5 things before you put yourself under the needle:

1. Titandioxide - dangerous or harmless?

The white in white tattoo colors is a fabric that is also used in cosmetics in which tablet production and even for car paint: Titanium dioxide. The white pigment is considered harmless, although several studies have shown since 2017, that the fabric can be carcinogenic. Of course, titanium dioxide also makes cheese, marzipan and sauces brighter without presenting a danger to life and life - but you should still consider this factor before you let yourself be stabbed titanium dioxide. In cleaning, such a tattoo looks at most for the soul and not for the body. :-)

2. White ink will never be completely white

White tattoo paint can be mixed with other colors and is contained in all pastel tones. If only white is used, it shimmers natural pigmentation the skin slightly through. Some tattoo artists add colorful color pigments to the white tone so that the White Ink Tattoo later pink, mint color or bluish Shimmers. Freshly engraved white inks look radiantly white, but the effect decreases strongly during the regeneration process and the motif becomes slightly transparent.

3. Which skin type is the right one for White Inks?

With white motifs, it is just like black and colorful tattoo colors: the natural skin tone always shimmers slightly. That is why different colors work differently for light and dark skin types. White ink is more clearly recognizable on dark skin than on white skin. On dark skin, however, white color also bleaches faster and loses luminosity. With very light skin types, white ink tattoos are sometimes only tangible and hardly visible.

4. White ink changes the complexion

Tattoos with high white content behave differently under the skin than black colors. With many, White Ink tattoos stand out slightly and swell in the sun. This is because the Metall oxides react more to UV radiation and irritation as conventional dyes. In addition, white pigments can not removed with common laser techniques will. If you overlook a white ink with colorful color, it will still be easy to stand out and remain tangible.

5. Choose a simple motif

Unlike ordinary tattoo paints, White Ink Color is relatively thick and makes the skin easily swell even with correct tattoo technology. Complex motifs or miniature tattoos should therefore always be stung with a black base color. In order for the contours to stand out from the skin and recognize, the subtleties in the motif should not be too small. Thick, clear contours stand out best from the skin and can also be seen without pre -browning.

White highlights for more shine and depth

The combination of white and black tattoo colors is popular among tattoo fans. White highlights that are Visually and haptically lift off the rest of the tattoo, bring brilliance to every motif. White highlights for portraits are used in small doses as well as for Mandalas, Space Tattoos and New School Motifs.

Overview of advantages and disadvantages

  • + White highlights make tattoos look more realistic.
  • + Contrasts bring depth into motifs.
  • + Pastel colors and gray tones are mixable.
  • + Visible on light skin only when browning or reddening.
  • - Titanoxide is suspected of being carcinogenic.
  • - The tattoos stand out even after years.
  • - White ink is not everyone! Some motifs only look beautiful on dark skin, others are more aesthetic on light skin.
  • - The color cannot be removed with laser technology.

Ideas for White Ink Tattoo

Because White Inks can only be seen on light reddening or tanning, many carriers choose geometric motifs or very small icons. With Mandalas it doesn't matter if the motif is only partially visible. These motifs are often stabbed as a white ink because they are also easily outlined: Popular White Ink Motifs

  • Flower
  • Mandalas
  • Geometric pattern
  • Small icons (hearts, crowns, simple shapes)

These motifs are rather unsuitable for technology

  • Lettering
  • Complex motifs (animals, classic old school motifs)
  • White Inks do not work as a cover-up for dark motifs. The color looks rather grayish on blackened skin.