Pigmentierte Sommersprossen - was ist der Reiz an dem neuen PMU Trend?
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Pigmented freckles-what is the attraction of the new PMU trend?

Naturalness is very trendy. What used to be considered a blink of beauty today contributes to a unique look. If you want to stand out of the crowd, you just have to natural beauty let play. In order to help your own naturalness, many beauty fans have recently become small freckles or birthmarks. If you like the sweet look, you should of course consider a lot - after all, artificial freckles are large facial tattoos.

Curse and blessing: The cheeky freckle look

Many natural freckles do not suffer their facial spots and try to cover them with make-up. If you don't have one, you want it so much that some people use permanent cosmetic solutions. An advantage of pigmented freckles: the distribution of the small brown pigment spots can evenly and targeted take place. While natural freckles in the hot season mostly with unwanted sprouts on the chin, on the forehead, on the eyelids or around the mouth, pigmented sprouts always sit perfectly. You cannot reach 100 % naturalness with artificial sprouts, but the Cheeky and young sprout look remains.

An old beauty trick

Since ancient times, women and men have been painting birthmarks as a small beauty accent or the cover of flaws in the face. The idea of ​​artificially imitating natural peculiarities on the face is not new. In the 1990s, Supermodel Cindy Crawford revised the trend with her (real) birthmark at the upper lip. One of the first facial tattoos that arrived in the middle of society were therefore Cindy Crawford puncture between the mouth and nose. Since 2017, the current freckle trend has been spreading through social networks. However, the freckle look is much more difficult to imitate than a dark birthmark:

How are artificial freckles pigmented?

  • Few tattoo artists specialize in the jump -off of artificial sprouts. Some beauticians with PMU specialization also carry out the treatment. The sprouts should be for a natural look Different sizes and degrees of brightness exhibit.
  • The individual pigment spots should be distributed evenly and still chaotic Act. The more arbitrary the pattern looks, the more natural the result. Still, should of course No asymmetries develop.
  • A little tip: Start with a few pigmented freckles and test the look for a few weeks before you have more sprouts add. A few pigment spots can completely change an unvarnished look.
  • Since artificial sprouts are facial tattoos that are difficult to cover with foil, you should be particularly careful after stinging hygiene respect, think highly of.
  • If you let your sprouts stab in the summer, you should have a few days in the shadow Spend or wear a cap with umbrella. UV radiation damages the freshly pigmented areas because the natural skin barrier is destroyed when pigmentation and must first regenerate. Therefore, we advise to make treatment in spring or autumn.

In this way regenerate pigmented freckles without complications

Since you probably cannot run around for days after the jump -off of freckles in the whole face with a patch or transparent film, the second phase of regeneration on the face tattoo must be initiated a little earlier than with conventional tattoos. Our special PMU line the PMU acute and PMU CARE Cream are perfect for this. the PMU acute Allows reddening and swelling to be reduced in the first few days and the PMU CARE Cream then ensures the necessary care.

You should consider that before you get freckles

  • How naturally the sprouts look depends on how well your skin type harmonizes with the darker pigments. Lighter, smaller sprouts go with light skin types, with darker skin types you can also be a little larger.
  • Natural freckles light up in winter and are much stronger to see in summer. Some even disappear completely in the cold season. Of course, no tattoo can imitate this natural effect.

The most important tips shortly

  • If possible, make a tattoo date in the winter. In this way, the color of the sprouts can be better adapted to your natural skin tone. In addition, you can protect your skin more effectively from UV radiation in winter.
  • Size, quantity and brightness the sprouts should go to your Skin type fit. Look at many examples of natural sprouts beforehand and dare to test the look beforehand with an eyebrow pencil or a fineliner.
  • Sometimes a snapchat filter does it if you just want to try a sweet look. Find out more with tattoo artists and Cosmeticians to find an offer that is suitable for you.